Thursday, 26 May 2011

Introducing Dino the Adorable

Today I want to introduce you to my new friend Dino.

He's REALLY hoping to find a new forever home soon and I think he's really earned a second chance so I wanted to tell you his story.

Dino is a lurcher - which you might know is the name that is given to a dog that is one of the 'sighthound' breeds - like the greyhound, whippet, saluki or deerhound - crossed with another type of dog.

Lurchers were traditionally bred for hunting so down the years people have bred sighthounds with breeds like border collies and bearded colliesbedlington terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers ('Staffies') to get the right combination of qualities they wanted to hunt different sorts of animals.

There's been lots in the news about how Staffies are often misunderstood. Yet Staffies make great family pets. They form really strong bonds with their human families and are very tolerant and loving with children. Combine this with the gentle, laid-back nature of a sighthound and the result is a dog with a fantastic, family-friendly temperament.

Unfortunately many of the bull lurchers in rescue centres are overlooked simply because people are wary of the ‘bull’ label, even if they don’t really know why. Because pit bull terriers are banned over here, under our Dangerous Dogs Act (there's a whole other blog posting to be done some time on THAT!), some people shy away because they think all bull terriers are banned.

Anyway, back to Dino. As you might have guessed, he is a bull lurcher.

He's about five-years-old and has been with Greyhound Rescue West of England for 18 months now.

He came to them via another charity, and was initially VERY insecure around other dogs.

It took this poor lad many months to learn how to politely say hello to another dog, and then how to make friends, but he’s just about got socialising sussed now. Dino is doing very well in a foster home, and has earned himself the nickname "Dino the Adorable". Now he REALLY needs a home of his very own.

So in case there is ANYONE reading this who knows someone, who maybe knows someone, who might be the family Dino is looking for, I'll let Dino himself tell you a bit more. Over to you, Dino.

"Thanks Winnie. Well, I'm clean in the house, happy to chill out in my crate or on the sofa, especially if the sofa comes with a human cushion or two (I do the best snuggles in the world) and can comfortably be left for a few hours. I love all my toys and am perfect for playtime as I have a bit more stamina than the average greyhound so can give it my best shot before flopping out for a good snooze! I am actually not at all bad at a bit of football and even better, I have now learned to apply both braking and swerving techniques so smaller people can also enjoy my fun-time. I take treats really gently, will do kisses if I think I can sneak a couple in and work very hard to make myself into an adorable giant softie. I do also try to honour my greyhound roots by sitting regally on the sofa, but it’s quite hard work so usually ends up as a lollop!

"Out on the lead, I am now much more confident and generally walk quite nicely with other dogs, especially once I know them. I sometimes still get worried, usually by the other dog’s behaviour, but if the person with me is calm and knows what to do, it soon blows over (GRWE will help you, don't worry!). I have actually started to get myself out of tricky spots and go to dogs I know for reassurance which is a sign of my growing social skills.

"My most wonderful quality though is that I will be your bestest and most devoted friend and make you smile every day. I love to share my cuddles and cheeky moments and once you become one of my special humans, you will remain so forever. I have room for a few more special humans – do you have a space for me?"

If you can help Dino, or know someone who could, the GRWE would LOVE to hear from you. You can call them on 07000 785 092 or visit their website contact page. There is also an email address - - specifically for enquiries about Dino.

I'm rooting for you, Dino!!


Chicco said...


Nice to meet you, Dino.
You're a very good dog.
Woof, woof,


Schnauzer Days said...

What a lovely chap you are Dino. We hope you find your Forever home soon, you certainly deserve it, we'll pass the details around our doggy friends too, Dex & Lou x

Frankie Furter said...

I hope Dino gets a furever home soon.

Holly said...

We sure hope Dino gets a furever home really soon! He sounds like a great furend to have by your side! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

Amber-Mae said...

He sounds like a good dog. I hope the right person will forward to adopt him soon.

K-Koira said...

Wow, he sounds like the perfect dog for me. Whippet mixes are doing amazing things in flyball, and I've been wanting to add one to my family. Too bad we live halfway across the world. Hopefully he'll be able to find a good home closer by.

rottrover said...

Dino, you are one good looking dude! You'll be snatched up in no time!!

Rottie Kisses

Bobby said...

We hope Dino gets a good home soon, he looks so nice.
Licks Bobby

Anonymous said...

Song and I hope Dino finds a loving forever home soon.

Brenda said...

Pit bulls are banned in England? I didn't know that! Dino is a handsome fellow - hope he gets adopted soon!

Holly said...

Dino is very good looking! We hope he gets a furever home really soon! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

scotsmad said...

Dino sounds like a beautiful friendly soul. We learned about lurchers through 'James Herriot'. Pit bulls are banned here, too. But staffies are extremely popular. In fact seems like every other dog is is a staffy or staffy X. They're lovely dogs. Hope Dino finds a great home soon.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sarge said...

Hey Winnie!
Wow, Dino seems like a super-pawesome furiend. I'm sure he'll find his forever home very soon. He is very handsome and some peep will be glad to scoop him up. Thanks for introducing us.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP