Thursday, 25 April 2013

Working a treat

As I said before we have decided to go down the treat route for Monkey the Greyhound when it comes to bedtime - and it does seem to be working - if you'll pardon the pun - a treat.

Previously it involved the pair of us v Monkey, one at each end to get him to leave one bed for another at night. Now, with a little bit of chicken to tempt him it's much easier and last night we managed it without the leash.

They're getting there

Given that everything else is done on the leash - except for when he gets up in the morning. Then it's just time to lie down in the front room and away he goes.

We are delighted with this seeming breakthrough and are hopeful of a repeat tonight.

The routine is now working great and Monkey is eating and drinking from his bowls, which have been moved into the doorway, so we are on the way to the kitchen with food as well.

He doesn't seem to want to eat if you are watching and if disturbed he will go and sit down and we need to get the cheese to tempt him back.

A bone . . . for me

A bone has been introduced but doesn't seem to hold much allure for Monkey - it's rawhide free and good for him - but I don't think we'll bother with another, there's hardly a scratch on it.

. . . you shouldn't have

People can be strange. Walking on the old Clay Pits nearby can be fraught as many owners let their dogs off to exercise on their own while they have a natter and are seemingly oblivious to what's around them - including of course when their dogs toilet.

Anyway there was a woman walking her toddler through the area the other day while three random dogs were dashing about hither and thither without leads. Monkey - walking very calmly on the leash - was then pointed out to the toddler as a dog she shouldn't try to stroke as he was 'dangerous' - all down to the perception of the muzzle he was wearing.

Hopefully this will be resolved at the weekend as there is a park a short drive from us where we can leave Monkey's muzzle off as there will be no little surprises running out of alleyways as there is on our daily walks. He'll be able to see the rabbits as well.

Can't wait to show off my smile
This should enable us to see if he really needs it or it can be consigned to the bin it will also show us whether he can be tempted into the car or will need lifting in as he did when we picked him up from Crossing Cottage.

Although he pricks his ears up and pays attention we come across cats and other dogs most of the time that's all there is to it. He rarely pulls, contenting himself with twisting and turning to keep the animals in sight.

Again though, down to a person's lack of awareness we can be caught out.

There is a woman who has a poodle - one of the smaller ones - and she seems to be terrified that other dogs are going to go for hers. She may well have good reason for this assumption as something may have happened in the past. I don't know.

However, whilst we always cross the road when we meet, for which she is grateful, there are times when you wonder what is going on.

Today, seeing that Monkey was toiletting, she decided that the best thing was to run past on the other side of the road. This got the poodle excited and so it started yapping and panting which in turn attracted Monkey's attention and he obviously thought it was a game so he decided he needed to go after it.

Luckily Monkey is not a puller as Winnie was and so he is very easy to calm down by shortening the leash and holding it close to his head. Even so, when you are bending over to pick things up it can still take you by surprise - suffice to say a strong cup of tea was called for when we got in.


GOOSE said...

I think Money is coming a long nicely. I am looking forward to see what happens if a rabbit is spied. I already know I would chase it.

Molly The Wally said...

Glad things are going well. We know what you mean when there is an incident and you are trying to pick up. Many time a strong cup of tea was needed. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Casey said...

I'm so happy with all the progress Monkey is making! Keep going, buddy, you'll have it all nailed soon.

L-A said...

He is such a handsome boy! Sounds like her is doing well. We've had our greyhound since Feb this yr.

jet said...

It will be good once you know whether he needs his muzzle or not, though I would put the muzzle away in a drawer, they are sometimes useful when a dog has stitches cos it can stop them from biting at them ;)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Monkey, you are slowly getting them there, don't worry about that bone, I don't do them either, you keep up the good work and that muzzle will be gone buddy!

The Mad Scots

Tennessee Winnie said...

Monkey I don't care for big chew bones either, except when my friend Reggie comes over, then we both enjoy a good chew. Do you have any greyhound friends who could come for a visit? I'd stop in, but I hear there is an ocean between us.

I hope you get out to the park for a good walk. I see rabbits and squirrels often but I'm only allowed to look. Actually it would take a lot of energy to chase and you know we ARE retired.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We will keep our deers crossed for you Monkey. Treat training worked like a miracle for our friend Annie when she was fear aggressive
Benny & Lily

Eileen said...

Monkey is coming along really well,
he is a handsome lad. I'm pleased to see his photos. Hope the weekend park walk goes well for you both.

Anonymous said...

Monkey is definitely getting there! That's big progress not needing the leash to lure him to the other bed. Hopefully he can ditch that muzzle's a shame people let their dogs loose then don't pay attention to them. I hate that!

Anyway, Monkey definitely is a handsome fella!

Elyse and Riley

Sue said...

Even without the muzzle, I have had people quickly cross to the othger side of the road, as "Greyhounds will kill little dogs". I keep a muzzle inb my dad's car, as I learnt with song on her second car ride she could chew through a brand new leather lead very quickly. Ex-racers are use to the muzzlre and both Song and Polly don't mind it one bit. It's also good to have a muzzle in case there is need for it at the vets (not that has ever happened).

If you put some poeanut butter on the bone, that might wake up his intgerest in it. Song never seemed sure what she was supposed to do with treats, but she did get the hang of it.

I've never used it, but I've been told Parmesan is a good insentive once in a while to get them interested in the food.

Some DAP sprayed into the car a little while before you want Monkey to get it might help.

chicamom85 said...

Monkey, you are pawsome!!! Keep up the great work.

Loveys Sasha