Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Frog find and rabbit rage

Having checked out the shops in Saltburn on the Tuesday we decided that today would be the day to get the souvenir present for the GOTH and a birthday present for one of the BOTH's friends.
Another walk along the sea front preceded our trip into town and this time rather than using the bridleway we went off-road and through a cool sun-dappled wood. Once again there was plenty of doggy traffic to contend with but Monkey just ignored it all - even when they sneaked up behind him.

We also had a walk through the Italianate gardens on the way back to the car. A rather steep descent the way we approached it.
The afternoon was spent exploring the woods around the chalet and the hotel grounds.
At one point Monkey got really excited and started to snuffle frantically in the grass.

We soon found the cause of his concern - a very small frog which was hopping about in the long grass.

The peacocks allowed us another good night's sleep and on the Thursday morning we awoke to grey skies and a warning of dire weather to come so we decided that the best thing to do was to head off somewhere early and then sit out the bad weather in the chalet in the afternoon - we had brought some cards with us as the forecast had promised the downpour at the start of the week.
We drove along the coast to a small harbourside village called Staithes - where it is claimed Captain Cook learned his trade. It was quite a steep drop into the village but well worth a visit.

Can we get this way?

Doesn't look like it

Back we go then

Make sure you come out the way you went in as not all the uphill roads lead in the same direction - we think.

The view from the ice cream van

The morning in Staithes was very hot but there was an ice cream van on the quayside for those in need.

We headed off back to the chalet after a couple of hours so we would avoid the predicted downpour. Sadly, or perhaps happily the weather forecast was well wide of the mark and we had probably the hottest day of our week in Saltburn.
It was good to leave the idiot lantern in the corner switched off and spend some time playing cards. I was surprised how few card games I could remember how to play. Must look some up.
That night on our closing walk Monkey provided another surprise for me.
As you know he has never made a sound while we have had him in our family but as we crossed the lawn at the rear of the hotel a rabbit ran the length of it.
Monkey went up on his hind legs and let out a noise that seemed a cross between a howl of rage and a growl of frustration. Then he was back on all fours and back to his walk as if it hadn't happened.

Hotel lawn, rabbit not featured

Whether seeing the white scut shoot in front of him brought back memories of his racing days when he could never catch the hare on the course or perhaps it was just the yearning to run free again. Whatever it was the cry seemed to come from his very soul.
Maybe he realised that it was our last night there and was sad to be leaving.
Come Friday morning we packed up our stuff and after a final walk said goodbye to the chalet and headed back home to the normal routine.
PS. When we got home Monkey refused to eat again. I ended up having to feed him by hand and then hold his dish while he ate for a couple of meals.
He still hasn't really regained his appetite so a trip to the vet is looming - just to be on the safe side.


houndstooth said...

For some reason, traveling with ours can disrupt their appetite, too. They enjoy traveling, though. I think it just takes a few days to get back to the routine! I'm glad he had such a good time!

Molly The Wally said...

Sounds like the perfect break. Monkey must had a shock with the rabbit running past. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Sue said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday, especially with the rabbit thrown in on the last walk:)

Sure the vet will say Monkey is fine. Coming back home was yet another thing he has to get use to again.

Eileen said...

I think Monkey prefers to be on holiday! He'll soon get back to his usual routine I'm sure.

Casey said...

What a grreat trip! I'm glad that he didn't hurt the little froggie, though. Momma has a soft spot for them.

What Remains Now said...

Monkey has just done splendid! What a cute little frog!