Monday, 6 December 2010

Deck the halls

Yesterday we put up the Christmas decorations at our house.

Well, I say "We".

To begin with I wasn't very happy because they moved my 'day bed' out of the living room while they moved some furniture around to fit the tree in. So I followed my duvet out to the hall and lay down there (so they had to keep stepping over me).
Is this what they mean by deck the halls?

It got more interesting though when the boxes came down from the attic and I got to have a good nose at everything.
I think this one should go on the mantlepiece
Then I met a couple of new friends.
This little fella sings when you press his mittens!
Then there was this little thing that looked like a mouse - but didn't smell like a mouse
Oh good grief!! This one sings too!
Finally, when it was almost all over I spotted this like fat-cheeked santa on the bookcase. He looked so cuddly I really wanted to play with I gave a little howl. But they said I had to leave him alone or the real Santa might not bring me any toys on Christmas Eve.
He doesn't sing but he looks fun


Anonymous said...

That Santa does look adorable. Our dog has had a similar problem with leaving some of the "cuter" decorations alone. It was smart to put them just out of reach.

Happy holidays!

houndstooth said...

Oh Winnie! I feel your pain! They get all that stuff out and then you wait and wait and wait for Santa to come and it feels like forever, too! *sigh* I hope they put your bed back when they were all done!


Sue said...

Bet after all that excitement you had to have a nap, so I hope your bed was put back just how you like it.

Winnie said...

Yep! Thanks for your concern. My bed did go back in place. They thought they'd done it right but I had to churn it all up like a nest until it felt right again.

Tucker said...

I don't think it was very nice that TMOTH and TWOTH moved your bed into the hallway. I think they should have put the Christmas tree in there! WE aren't even having a tree this year, because of Finn. He's still very much a kitten and Mom doesn't want to get all her special ornaments broken. So Phoebe and I will just smell Grandma and Grandpa's when we go there.

Merry Christmas!

Benny and Lily said...

Very good helping mom decorate. We would keep an eye on that Sandy Paws
Benny & Lily