Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Help Alfie get his own happy ending

Special mention today for 20-week-old Greyhound-Labrador cross Alfie who's been given up by a succession of owners during his short life after they found out he was seriously ill.

Alfie has ended up at the Happy Endings animal sanctuary in East Sussex where they are appealing for help to fund an operation after finding out he has a rare liver condition that stops his body getting rid of toxins.

Alfie has a Facebook page which you can join and share with your friends.

Alfie looks so lovely. He reminds me a bit of my friend Frankie.

I hope he gets his operation and a new forever home for the new year.


Sue said...

Sure hope Alfie get's the foreever home he deserves and that the operation helps him.

Anonymous said...

Alfie does look lovely. What two wonderful breeds inside of one dog. It makes me so sad that not only has he been so ill but that he also has been shuffled from home to home.

Poor little guy. I hope he gets everything he needs for Christmas.

Tucker said...

Alfie, you are a beautiful pup, and I bet your inside is even better than your outside. We will be crossing our paws that you get the operation you need and the loving forever home you deserve.

houndstooth said...

Oh, what a sweet little guy he looks like! We have our paws crossed for him, too. There has to be a perfect home for him somewhere!


Alyson Bates said...

He does look like my Frankie. Hope he gets a nice home and gets well soon.