Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Clamp's cat?

Before I launch in to today's blog post proper, here's a picture of me frolicking in the snow in the garden this morning. I wanted to build my own snowman and so I started digging.

But then I decided it was more fun to taz around and do some zoomies. Also, because I run fast my paws are only in contact with the snow for milli-seconds so they don't get so cold as when I'm digging.

Look!! I was SOOOOO fast the Lady Of The House couldn't capture all of me on camera!!

Anyway, this morning wasn't all fun and games. I also had a bit of a disappointment.

Me and the L O T H put our coats on and got ready for our walk. It turned out that the L O T H wanted something out of the car....but when she unlocked the passenger side I thought we were going out in it and I got my feet on the seat and was wiggling my bum like crazy to get in. The L O T H was saying something but I wasn't taking any notice.

It turned out of course that when she'd got what she needed out of the glove compartment I had to get out because the car wasn't going anywhere.

I tried to convince her that we should still go out in the car because I LOOOOOVE it....but she said the roads were too risky at the moment. But I still stood there hopefully and it took a while to persuade me to reverse. Then, when she shut the car door, snow fell off the car roof and on to my head. Bah!

I didn't mind REALLY though because we had a nice walk after that. The sun came out and the sky was clear of clouds and there was a lovely blue tinge to all the snow. (Some bits also had a yellow tinge when I'd finished....if you know what I mean).

Anyway, the L O T H - Derbyshire born and bred - is full of daft sayings from years ago in her family....and she told me that I looked like "Clamp's Cat" when we didn't get inside the car.

You know how I feel about I wasn't best pleased.

Apparently, it's a saying they use in Derbyshire when someone thinks something nice is going to happen and then they are disappointed.

I'll never understand humans.


Bobby said...

Hi Winnie, Your mum should have had the flashy box in sports mode to capture you. We are glad you had a great walk. John keeps going on about look at that sky or that view looks so nice, it all looks the same to me (white). Fancy her bashing you with a lump of snow on your head.

Bobby said...

I think this is the first time I have been first comment and secound

Winnie said...

I think it is too, Bobby. You don't sound grumpy today. Must be getting away from dippy Pip for your walk that helped.

Winnie said...

Apparently, the L O T H says "Clamp's cat followed a muck cart because it thought it was a wedding."

I'm even more confused now.

Sue said...

Glad you had a nice time in your garden. We don't have a garden, so my mum takes me out for nice walks. We've not been going so far these past few days, because it's too slippy for my mum. Can't say I'm keen on it either.

Wish your mum had got a photo of you with snow on your head:) Love Song

Tucker said...

Winnie, you sure are fast! Sorry you didn't get to go for a ride, but pleased that you enjoyed the walk you got instead.

If it makes you feel better, you don't look like any cat I'VE ever seen?

Your pal,


houndstooth said...

Pshaw! Nobody could ever mistake adorable you for a cat! Have no worries! I am most sorry that the snow fell on your head, though.

Humans mostly like to hear their own voices. If it doesn't make sense, just ignore it and go on your merry way!