Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cold and colder

It's really really frosty here. Very pretty but very cold and even though I wore my BIG red coat this morning with the thick fleecy lining I still had a little shiver when we had to stop for traffic on our morning walk.

But it was worth it when we had crossed the road and got to the nature reserve. I had a really good sniff and met a couple of friends.

Well, I say friends. There was a little dog with a long tail who thought he owned the place and barked a lot at me.

But there was Jasper the cocker spaniel too. He's a lot of fun and very bouncy and the person he looks after, called Sue, is getting well-trained by him.

The Boy Of The House is going to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in a bit and I'm going to curl up and watch it with him (well, I'll sneak a peak now and then while I doze by the fireplace). Hope it's not too scarey!


Mr. Pip said...

It has warmed up a little here, but we have more snow. I am not a big fan of cold weather and snow. I went outside for a few minutes last night, but once my paws were wet I was ready to come in.

Your pal, Pip

Sue said...

Winnie, Glad you had a nice walk and met some friends. Song loves meeting her various friends.

Enjoy your snooze.

Benny and Lily said...

Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun on your frosty adventure. It's pouring pouring rain here. Stay warm
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to warm up by running around with your friends! What would we do without fleece?

houndstooth said...

We just keep getting more and more snow here! I heard the weather man say that we are going to get more snow on Christmas Eve. I guess that means Santa won't have any trouble!