Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Letting them know we are here...and there

This week the Lady Of The House says it's all about PR.

I thought she said "purr" first and I was a bit worried that she'd gone mad and was thinking of getting a cat.

But apparently PR is about letting people know you are here, or there, or wherever.

She asked me to think of some ways I could let more people know about my blog and find out through it what GREAT pets greyhounds are (and why every home should have one!). Some greyhounds are even cat-friendly you know.

Personally I like my cats at a distance...or in pictures. The LOTH has some lovely pictures of the cats she used to own in years gone by. I like looking at their pictures and reading about them on the LOTH's online pet memorials website. The LOTH's most special cats were Fred and Corky.

Anyway, this is me...thinking hard about my blog

So, I have got my blog listed with the nice people at Pets Blogroll and Pet Blogs United.

The LOTH was quite impressed with my efforts. She got a piece about her Lost & Fond website on Petpupz.

It's not a competition ...... but I think I'm winning.


Winnie said...

I've written to petsblogroll to say that their widget (on the right hand side of this site) keeps appearing with the top missing. Not heard back yet. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Winnie,

There is also a new Pet Blog Directory at I haven't signed up yet, but plan to soon.

Your pal, Pip

Sistertex said...

Hi Winnie,
Just getting around to visit others is a pretty greyt way to make some friends! So stop by and say hi!

Sistertex, Renner, Mandy, Fidget and Lemme!

Sue said...

Following others blogs will get your blog mentioned.

Love the photo of Winnie and her pig:)

Kristine said...

Winnie, you are so cute. That's my favourite position to think in as well.

I didn't know about your Lost & Fond website before but I think it looks great! What a lovely idea.

houndstooth said...

I think following other blogs and commenting on them is one of the best ways to get new readers. Also, Facebook can help a lot. I have A LOT of Greyhound and canine friends on Facebook and they sometimes share our blog with others.

We didn't know about your other website, but think it's a brilliant idea!


Bobby said...

You look great in the thinking picture Winnie nursing you little pig, would you not like a little kitten to snugle, If you visit blogs they will visit you.

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Maybe you could host a giveaway! Then you could list it on blogger giveaway sites to get everyone (not just doggy and kitty bloggers) to come see you! You could giveaway a doggie gift basket or a book about greyhounds or something???!!!

greygirl25 said...

Winnie, you are so adorable.

You've certainly got a friend with us. :o)))

Winnie said...

Thanks for all the grey-t ideas xxx