Friday 17 August 2012

The Howl

I'm not allowed a Twitter account, but The Lady Of The House entered a competition on there for me recently organised by Dog's Today magazine.

They wanted to see pictures of pets in the Olympics spirit, so the LOTH sent them a couple of my pictures form the Pet Blogging Games - and we were one of three winners!

The prize was a print called The Howl! You may be able to spot the famous painting from which it took its inspiration.

The LOTH framed it and it has pride of place with all my other treasures.

Sunday 12 August 2012

My final event in the Pet Blogging Games

Friday saw me competing in my final event of the Pet Blogging Games - The Snoopendous Sniff-A-thon hosted by Luna and Cynder.

Sniffing is one of my very favourite pastimes - and a walk can take a long long time when I get the scent of something compelling up my nostrils.

Not everyone appreciates how important sniffing is to dogs. It really stimulates our brains and makes us happy and satisfied.


The closing ceremony for our Pet Blogging Games is a bit earlier than the one in London. See if you can spot me on Finn Howard's blog.

The games has been a great success and has really brought us all together in the pet blogging communities - even the kitties and the odd turtle.

Back to normal life again tomorrow.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Zooming and roaching with Winnie the greyhound

Well I am shattered after taking part in yesterday's Zoomies event at Susie and Sidebite's blog. Another chance for me to show of my athletic skills. I'm just a blur, a blur, I tell you, when I start zooming.

I was SO relieved after expending all that energy that the next event was Roaching and Rolling. Thanks to the magic of Blogville, I was instantly transported to Canada to compete on Ruby and Penny's blog. I went in heat 2. I like to think my entry was a slight homage to Usain Bolt.

I am also very proud to say that my performance in Roaching ALSO won me a copy of a print called The Howl in a Twitter competition run by Dog's Today magazine. The Lady Of The House is getting it framed and I'll post a picture of it soon.

Saturday 4 August 2012

Proud to be Team GB tonight

We're all very proud to be Team GB in our house tonight.

Apparently there are some human athletes who have done some good stuff - winning medals for sitting down and standing up and running and jumping. But, as ever, the REAL stars are the dogs and cats taking part in the awesome Pet Blogging Games.

I am very proud to have participated in FOUR events - Count them. Four! - since I last blogged:

My best event ( I feel) was Digging - hosted by We Three Doxies

 I also entered Authorised Chewing ...

... and Freelance Chewing, both hosted by Murphy and Stanley.

My final event was Tuneful Farting where I showed everyone my methane producing style in Heat 2 of this event hosted by Declan's Dogs Blog. 

I am very honoured that all my worthy competitors and I were awarded a gold medal.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Winnie on walkabout

The People Of The House have been so busy with the real Olympics that my blog's not getting a look-in! More of them and their adventures another day.

Meanwhile, thanks to Corbin for hosting the Walking About the Neighbourhood event in the Pet Blogging games - one of my personal favourites.

Here I am - all alert to anything out of the ordinary that may happen on one of my walks.

Catch up on ALL the events here - and thanks to ALL the hosts who have worked so hard to put these events together.