Tuesday 31 January 2012

Belated award thanks and an update

A BIG belated thanks to Sue and Song at Graceful Greyhounds for sharing with us this Pawsome Award that they received.

We are very pleased and proud. Thank you so much.

I would like to pass it on to one blog that I found today written by the RSPCA in Manchester and Salford.

I was really impressed by the long but thoughtful and information-packed post the author has written about 'bull breeds' and the failings of the UK's current Breed Specific Legislation.

The RSPCA and other rescue kennels in the UK have lots of lovely dogs waiting in vain for a forever home because they are seen as 'dangerous' bull breeds. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, for instance, is one of the loveliest breeds with a fearsome reputation it just doesn't deserve.

The Lady Of The House had a good cry last week when she watched a documentary on the BBC called Death Row Dogs which showed a lovely dog called Tyson being put to sleep because he was classed as a "Pit Bull Type" and although everyone agreed he was a lovely dog and had never shown aggression, because he was a banned type he could not even be offered for re-homing.

We hope the Dangerous Dogs Act in the UK is soon replaced with more fair legislation that penalises the deed not the breed and places the emphasis on making irresponsible owners face the consequences of their actions. In the hands of the wrong owner any dog can be a loaded gun waiting to go off.

I also know that Manchester and Salford RSPCA has been helping look after more than 100 animals rescued from a fire at a garden centre in Oldham last week. So a big PAWS UP to them.

Anyway, more about me!

My second lot of blood tests came back fine, but after a chat with the eye specialist the Lady Of The House has now decided not to go ahead with surgery for the time being. My eye seems slightly better again and it's not causing me pain or discomfort and the eye doctor is SURE it's "nothing sinister" so we're carrying on with the steroid drops and cream and we'll review it again in about five weeks.


Thanks for all your good wishes.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Anyone know a dog with this eye condition?

There's been V.E.T visiting since I blogged last.

I've managed to put a few quick updates on my Facebook page - but for blog followers, the story so far goes like this.....

The Lady Of The House rang the vets on Thursday because she and the MOTH thought the eye thingy (which I've had since September) looked a bit bigger again. They thought the 'eye vet' would just say to do a few more drops again (because she'd told us to cut down at Christmas when it had got smaller). But she said she wanted to see me and  I should go straight over.

The 'eye vet' had a good look and said she thought the time had come to 'surgically decluster' it because it wasn't really responding to the steroid drops and cream. So she did some blood tests to check my health ahead of a possible general anaesthetic.

Then she rang back Saturday night to say some of the test results looked a bit odd and she wanted them re-done. When I mentioned this on Facebook one of my 'likers' sent me a link to this really helpful info about what greyhound blood tests are sometimes not like other dogs. (I always KNEW we were special).

So tonight we went to the vets in Stapenhill (nearer where we live) to re-do some blood tests - but THIS time they said I couldn't have anything to eat after breakfast!!! How awful!!! The LOTH made my breakfast an hour later than usual but it didn't help much.

I was very confused this afternoon when it got to dinner time and there was no dinner. I roo-ed a bit (quite a lot if I'm honest) and the LOTH said she thought it was the longest afternoon EVER (and so did I!!).

Anyway, we wait now for the re-done test results to see if they think they should go ahead with the op....but the LOTH is feeling a bit confused about whether we should have it or not and probably needs another long talk to the 'eye vet'. She did talk to them about the article on greyhound blood tests so she is very pleased we had that information thanks to Denise.

This condition (which the 'eye vet' is virtually sure I've got) is called Nodular Granulomatous Episcleritis. It looks like this on me:

It doesn't hurt or affect my vision.

You were all very helpful  and supportive when I blogged about it back in October, but if anyone who's started following me since then has any experience of this NGE eye condition - we'd love to hear from you.

On the PLUS side I got to try 'Sea Jerky' for the first time tonight, They bought some at the vets so I could have a treat as soon as I got out. It's crunchy pieces of dried fish skin and it's GORGEOUS!!

Tuesday 17 January 2012

A nose for news

The ground is my newspaper. There's something new to read EVERY day.

Today's frosty Winter edition was REALLY interesting!!

Wouldn't you like to know..........

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Making a sock toy with Alyson and Frankie

Our friend Alyson was very surprised that people and pups liked her sock toy that I wrote about yesterday.

Alyson says she just makes them up as she goes along and no two of her sock toys are quite the same.

So here, in response to your requests, are Alyson's instructions of how she thinks she made my sock toy.

  1. Take one short sock and two knee-length ones.
  2. Scrunch one short sock up to make a ball (If you wanted to make a bigger toy scrunch two socks up together it doesn't matter if they have holes in, or are odd colours or anything).
  3. Stuff this balled-up sock into the toe end of a knee-length sock.
  4. Stand on the (ball) end and pull it really tight, twisting it at the same time (better to do on when you're on your own as it looks a bit strange!)
  5. Do the same twisting thing with 2nd empty knee-length sock.
  6. Then 'plait' the two knee-length socks together tightly and knot them at both ends.

You could also put a tennis ball into a sock instead of making a 'sock ball' but you'd have to take it out to wash it.

Alyson is quite shy, so here is a picture of her lovely girl Frankie (being unusually quiet).

Hope you can persuade your folks to make you a sock toy out of odd socks. If you do, PLEASE post some pictures for us to see. Pictures of your people making them might be REALLY fun.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Sock it to me

I love my new sock toy made for me by the Lady Of The House's friend Alyson. She made one for her dog Frankie (who is very tough on toys). As you can see I am MUCH more gentle.

Like every home in the world (it seems) Alyson found she had a fair few odd socks lying around so she thought making them into dog toys was a good use for them.

If the brother of this sock turns up she's not having it back now I'm afraid.

Thank you Alyson! (The LOTH says to tell you she's not holding a grudge even though your team, Arsenal, knocked our team, Leeds United, out of the FA Cup last night).

Monday 2 January 2012

Quilts of love

Important update - after being the victim of a nasty email hacking attack, if you want to contact Agnes about memory quilt squares, use DACHSIESWITHMOXIEMAMA at GMAIL dot COM

We have NOTHING but admiration for people who can make beautiful arts and crafts with their own hands.

It's such a gift of real love to make something for someone - because there's always something of yourself in there too.

That's why I was so touched to hear that Agnes from Dachsies with Moxie is putting together a very special memorial quilt for Sandra who lost five of her Houston Pittie Pack in a fire that also destroyed her home just before Christmas.

The aim is to have the quilt finished for Valentine's Day which means that lots more pieces of fabric, six inches square, are still needed. Even if you are in the UK you should still have time to get a piece over if you move quickly. Just email her if you have any questions or to get her address. She needs the fabric squares by January 16.

Ideally it would be good if you could send some material that has some meaning for you, which you could explain in a covering letter that will be passed on to Sandra.

Although the Lady Of The House is a bit rubbish at sewing, I said I'd be happy for a piece of my first blue blanket to go across to America for the quilt. This was a blanket that was waiting for me when I arrived here in August 2010 and I've always loved it. Here I am enjoying a snack on my blanket.

Here is the square that the LOTH made and which we posted the day before Christmas Eve. We hope it arrives safely. It took the LOTH a long time to remember how to do chain stitch - but she dredged the knowledge up from somewhere in her very old brain after several false starts.

Anyway, if you can send a fabric square (or two, or more) to Agnes PLEASE do. I'm sure the finished quilt will mean so much to Sandra and her family.

By coincidence, while we were thinking of the Pittie Pack and Agnes's lovely quilt plan... someone else was thinking of us.

On New Year's Eve it was a special birthday for the LOTH (it ended in an "oh!" whatever that means), and her friend Carol had been busy in recent weeks making this quilt and a quilted bag specially for the LOTH as a super surprise present. You can just see the special message panel she stitched in to the underside of the pink quilt.

Carol has a birthday ending in an "oh!" too - tomorrow (Jan 3) so we would like to say a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carol.

Carol and the LOTH are having a joint celebration girl's night out with lots of their friends from the Little Theatre Company on Friday at a Greek restaurant in town. They are calling it the Oh-Oh! Birthday Party.

It sounds like trouble to me........

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - and a look back at Christmas

I've had a lovely lovely Christmas and New Year break with the family and done lots of eating, playing, walking and just lolling lazily about.

My first blog post of 2012 has to be a quick look back at Christmas morning in our house to share with you my excitement about the three great presents that Santa brought me.

The first one was the most exciting and special (I thought). Forgive the blurred photos below but they capture the speed with which I moved to protect the great gift.

The Lady Of the House read out the tag and told me Santa had sent it from her cousin, Laetitia, husband Melvin and their lovely daughters Katie and Rebecca. I KNEW it was something great so I tried to help her open it QUICKER.

It was a Christmas reindeer in a Santa hat! The LOTH wanted to get the cardboard and the plastic off it - but I thought this might be a trick so SHE could keep it and play with it herself.

We had a little tussle.

I knew I had to move FAST.

So I grabbed my dear deer and headed out of the room to safety.

Only when I was sure that I had made my point did I come back - and then I kept my paw on my new toy for a long, long time.

My other great presents were - a toy frog....

....and a squeaky, cuddly, turkey.

When you are not playing with him he makes a great pillow.

I hope Santa brought you all you wanted and that 2012 is a great year for you all. I'll head off now to visit some of your blogs and catch up with your Christmas and New Year fun and games.