Friday 28 September 2012

Doggy bag winner revealed

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.

I'm glad so many of you felt the same as I do about the friendships we have formed.

I used a random number generator to pick a winner from all the comments and the winner was

What Remains Now

Lori - if you can email the Lady Of The House at elaine<at> with your postal address we'll post the bag to you with all our love.

Busy times here for the people, but I'm taking it easy and watching the world go by. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Friday 21 September 2012

Celebrating friendship - with blogs and a bag

I never cease to be amazed and delighted by the bonds of friendship that are created through blogs.

When the Lady Of the House started me blogging soon after I arrived here in my forever home (two years ago last month) I never dreamed where it would lead. Our lives feel so much richer for the people we've met through blogging and the laughter (and tears) we've shared. I feel as if many of you are real friends - even though we've never met.

For a few weeks now the LOTH and I have wanted to do something to celebrate how thankful we are for that friendship. So this is what we've decided.

One of the LOTH's bestest ever friends is called Carol - and she is VERY clever when it comes to quilting. She made the LOTH a lovely quilt and a bag for her birthday and she makes lots of bags both as gifts for loved ones and as raffle prizes to raise money for charity.

She made us this beautiful bag and said we could use it however we wanted - so we thought it would be nice to offer it as a gift to one of our blogging friends. It was made with love by Carol and it will be sent on with lots of love from me and the LOTH too.

It's just a little gift, and it can only go to one person - but I'd like it to represent the gratitude we feel to all of you who have supported us over the last 24 months with your comments and your friendship.

If you look closely you can see quite a lot of the dogs whose blogs we visit - I can see Dachsies, and Scotties... and is that a French Bulldog among others?

Carol said she did try to find some material with greyhounds on - but didn't find any that she felt did us justice. I quite understand. Besides, I might not have let the LOTH give it away then.

So if you are a follower of my blog - and you'd like to receive this bag as a gift of love and thankfulness from me and the LOTH - just leave a comment below in the next week. We'll send it anywhere in the world (it's very light).

Today is also a special day for one of the best friends any pet blogger could have - PIP!

You can read all about his special day here on Frankie Furter and Ernie's blog and also about the special day when Pip came to his forever home - here. It's a lovely story about the triumph of love and hope. Enjoy it.

And last but NOT of my great blogging friends is Suzy. Her son Marc has TODAY started a coast to coast walk in aid of Greyhound Gap - a small but very important UK charity which rescues and rehabilitates and then rehomes greyhounds and lurchers across the UK who are otherwise at risk of being put to sleep.

You can follow their progress over the next 10 days at Suzy's blog, or on their Facebook Page. If you can spare them even just a few pennies, there is an online page HERE where you can donate, It would mean a lot to Greyhound Gap.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

It's WINNIE - not Whinnie, thank you very much.

I've been having a few 'health challenges' - but as you can see, I now have my paws crossed that I'm out of the woods and doing OK again.

It started when the Lady Of The House noticed a tiny hard bump on my head. We trotted off to the vet and they gave me some antibiotics at first, but they didn't help and the little hard lump got bigger.

Then the eye that I've had that other problem with before began to itch and I was rubbing it a lot with my paw and winking so we went back again. They gave me some new drops and also stuck a needle in my little head bump (TWICE!!!) to get some cell samples to test.

While we were waiting for the results my other eye started itching and I was now spending a lot of time with both eyes squeezed shut, a semi-permanent frown, and doing a lot of eye rubbing.

We went back straight away and got some different drops to try.

The good news is the test results show the lump is either a cyst or a non-malignant tumour - and my eyes have now stopped itching.

For now we're seeing if the lump gets bigger or changes before we make a decision about removing it. The LOTH isn't keen for me to have a general anaesthetic unless it's really necessary.

Anyway. I think I was JOLLY BRAVE through all these vets trips (although I have now got a new technique of digging my claws in to the vet's door mat to try and stop them getting me into the consulting room).

So you can IMAGINE how unimpressed I was when I saw (even through my itchy eyes) that the vet had given me a new name on one of my medications.

How VERY dare she!!

On the PLUS side I was very excited and honoured today to be featured as the first home working greyhound on a great blog the LOTH found recently called How To Work From Home.

Feel free to pop over to How To Work From Home and leave a comment on my interview so that UK home workers find out how many great pet bloggers there are besides me!