Friday 24 May 2013

Summer, what summer?

Are you sure I need this. It's the end of May
Walking Monkey in the wind is like taking an octopus out on a leash while it is having electroconvulsive therapy. Star jumps every two steps as the wind gusts, fences creak and bits of vegetation come hurtling past. Four attempts to toilet thwarted by a sudden blast of cold air.
Today we also had to don our winter coats and I think Monkey was a little bemused by this.
Been a while since the last post I know - but the good news is that the bathroom has now been decorated.
Life has carried on much as before with Monkey slowly getting to grips with domestic life. Bedtimes are a breeze (perhaps the wrong word to use today) with Monkey coming into the kitchen when called. I still give him the chicken treat. I know, but hey, it makes me feel better about putting him away for the night.
Feeding has now moved totally into the kitchen as well, with Monkey coming when called. I still step out of the room and shut the door but he has allowed me to stay while he ate. Mind you I had to stare out of the window as he stopped when he caught me sneaking a peek.
Early mornings are now totally under control as I let Monkey out straight away and he trots off to do his business. We went through a spell of him pretending to go when I took him in the garden on the leash. He would stretch out as though he was going and look at me to see if I had fallen for it. Now though he's out the door, brisk walk, wee and back for grooming in no time.
He is also coming into the hall when he hears me pulling on a jumper ready for a walk - although it makes me sad when he comes out and it's just me going out. Having said that when he hears me putting my cycling gear on he doesn't move from his day bed.
We have added tents to the list of 'things that Monkey has to avoid', last weekend while on a walk at a nearby lake some fishermen were camping and there was a row of tents. The first one was a step to the side to get around but by the third he was digging his paws in and practically had to be carried past.
I think that secretly pleased the LOTH as she now has yet another excuse for never going camping.
It makes me wonder where all these fears have come from. Some I can understand such as the transit vans and hi-vis coats from his greyhound racing days but tents?