Monday 21 May 2012

The Zoolatry Girls rock

I know that a lot of you already know about the lovely photo art that the Zoolatry Girls create.

But all I can say is thank goodness there are people who are SO talented - because frankly the Lady Of The House is a complete duffer when it comes to anything artistic (O'Level Art - Grade D - need I say more?)

You should have seen the ham-fisted attempted she made of creating a cover photo for her new Facebook page for her Lost and Fond website?

Luckily, she then got an email that let her know that the Zoolatry girls could help and VOILA!! Within a few hours this beautiful image was adorning her Facebook Page.

So if any of you are wanting a bit of blog make over or if you have a Facebook Page that could do with a nice new Cover Photo I would DEFINITELY recommend checking out Zoolatry. You can find more information here. And of course Zoolatry is a LOVELY blog.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Winnebago checking in

So, what's been happening?

Well, thanks to Sarge's Nickname game I am Winnebago for the next week.

Secondly, the Lady Of The House has a truly STINKING cold and is coughing and sneezing EVERYWHERE! YUCK!

But she still took me to the greyhound walk that was organised by Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust in Burton-on-Trent yesterday.

I got to wear the Winnie the Pooh bandana she bought me at Crufts.

Now maybe it was that, or maybe it was the steroids I've been on since last autumn, but I got very feisty with the dogs gathered outside the library in town and barked at ANY hound that looked at me.

The LOTH was bundled up in a big grey waterproof and her pink scarf and got to talk croak to her friend Jane (in the green coat) who came along with her two greyhounds Jack and Sophie.

I got a bit friendlier when we started walking. The Man Of The House walked with me and the LOTH took charge of Jack. But a few of the hounds weren't too keen when the walk included a few steps.

Jack and one other greyhound had to be carried up. But I was fine.

We also met up with Rolo Hound - who the LOTH has tweeted with but never met before.

Rolo's dad and my MOTH were showing off their matching backpacks from Pedigree - part of the Play Again campaign for JointCare+

Rather than make this post too long I'll share my other news about the lovely Ann from Zoolatry and how she has helped us another day.

Love and licks, Winnebago

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Tasty Tuesday - It's an ice ice day today

Back in March you may remember my post I Scream for Ice Cream for Dogs.

The Lady Of The House had been to Crufts and found out about the launch of a new iced dessert specially for dogs. We were very excited as our American blogging friends had told us about doggy ice cream and we'd never seen any for sale over here in England.

Well, recently when we visited the website for this new product - Billy+Margot - we learned that it was now being stocked at a branch of the Kennelgate pet store just down the road from us. So the LOTH hotfooted it down there and bought a tub of apple, banana and carrot flavour - with her very own money - for me to try.

This is my honest opinion:

I think you can probably tell that I really loved it.

They didn't let me have too much in one go. BECAUSE THEY ARE MEAN PEOPLE! Because it is always sensible to proceed slowly when introducing a new food to dogs - especially to a greyhound.

It was a nice experience to eat it while the Man Of The House held it for me and I hope there will be some more sunny weather soon so we can try some outside on a warm sunny day.

I am also continuing to enjoy a tasty treat a day courtesy of the trial of JointCare+ treats from Pedigree. I look forward to my one-a-day treat and know that it's good for my hard-working joints.

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Monday 14 May 2012

That's not my name

Whatever happened to The Ting Tings?

My lot loved singing along to That's Not My Name.

I remembered it when the very wonderful Sarge announced his nickname game for this week.

So, how it works (if you've not seen it on another pet blog yet) is that I have to list ALL the nicknames I've been called by my People Of The House.

YOU have to comment below on which is your favourite and then I have to be called by only that name for a whole week by my POTH.

(Um. Run that by me again? What do I get out of this?)

Anyway, it sounds like fun (as long as you choose WISELY dear friends) so here goes. This is my list of nicknames that you have to choose from:

Smelly Dog (that's just plain RUDE! I'm not having that!)
Fartypants (No. No and NO!!!)
Baby Girl
Krypto (that's a new one from the Man Of The House because he's decided I look a bit like Superman's dog)

I look forward to your comments - I think.

Sunday 13 May 2012

I'm ready for my close-up

The Lady Of The House has been getting to grips with the video camera loaned to her by Pedigree as part of the trial of their new Joint Care+ treats.

Once she got the technology sussed, she thought it would be an easy matter to get me to gallop around the garden in my usual style. But, frankly, I felt this was a little undignified, and took a bit of persuading. Besides, I like squeaking my toys.... a lot.

I love the camera - but I thought maybe I should get the chance to gaze into the lens and pose a little.

A close-up would be nice, Mrs Director.

The Girl of the House thought she'd finally persuaded me to get involved. But I wasn't going to jump around for long.

Eventually I decided to co-operate and if you want to see the final version, you can see it on my Facebook Page. It's called A Mad Few Minutes in the Garden. You can probably guess why.

Thursday 10 May 2012

Did I get the wrong idea?

There was a brief bit of sunshine in Staffordshire this week. Blink and you would have missed it.

So when the LOTH opened the back door around lunchtime that day and ushered me outside I didn't hesitate, went straight outside and made myself comfortable like this.

I DID think it was a bit strange that she had her jacket on and was jingling the car keys a bit impatiently.

Then she starts calling at me from the doorway saying "Be quick, Winnie", "Come on", "Hurry up".

It seems she wanted me to make myself comfortable in a different way altogether before she left me and nipped into town in the car.

Well I didn't know.