Thursday 31 October 2013

Name game

First off let's start with a quick question - what is this a close-up of?

The question is not about the white blob, more the overall pic. Answer at the end of the post.

Anyway, how is everyone? It's been a while since I've had anything to say.
This week we went for a walk along one of out local trails - the Jinny - it follows the line of an old railway and while we were out we came across a squirrel.

Luckily it had the sense to shin up a tree but Monkey's reaction was a joy to behold. He didn't know what to do for the best. The ears shot up and he started to quiver but stood stock still watching this bizarre creature. We have come across them when out before just not so close.

The jacket was on as it had been raining when we started out on our trek. It was a pity he was wearing it as I noticed when I downloaded the pix how well he blended in with the fallen leaves. You get a good idea from the top pic where if you look just below the blue collar it is difficult to see where the Monk ends and the leaves begin. It certainly shows how well he was named when he raced - Autumn Fusion indeed.
Hopefully at the weekend I can get some without the coat - if I don't lose him in the leaves.
Anyway for those of you who didn't guess what the picture at the start of the blog was here it is from further away.
Hands up all those who said a tumble dryer filter.
At least all of Monkey's bedding is washed ready for the muddy weather.

Sunday 20 October 2013

We all shine on.....

Lady Of The House here, thinking about how it is that you can cry buckets of tears over the loss of a dog you've never met.

It's not surprising really.

For one thing, when you've loved and lost a pet yourself you know the pain their family is going through and it takes you right back to those early days of your own loss.

And even when life and work has taken you away from the pet blogging community quite a bit (as it has done for me this year) - we're all still family, and a loss for one is a loss to all.

But Mr Pip REALLY was special - with a capital S.

Mr Pip lived on the other side of the world to us - but his blog was a delight from the moment I discovered it in 2010.

He'd not had the best of starts - and the story about how he joined Kristin and her family was one of the most beautifully written posts I ever read. It restored your faith in human nature and made you believe in happy endings.

The pictures on Pip's blog always made me smile - and his family was always there for others who suffered a loss. They gave Pip a fantastic life filled with love - and he clearly gave back to them many, many times over.

They never forgot others and raised lots of money and awareness for animal charities and rescues including the very special Red Door Animal Shelter who helped Pip start his new life in Chicago.

It's no surprise to see the outpouring of love and grief on Mr Pip's blog - and others. I hope it helps ease the pain and loss for Kristin and the family a little. I'm not crying for Pip. His last 12 years were filled with fun and laughter and he was always at the heart of everything his family did. But I am crying for his family who will miss him so very much.

I will think of Mr Pip often and be reminded that good CAN triumph, that we should make the most of EVERY day - and that eating cheeseburgers now and then is OK really. I'm sure he wouldn't want us to be sad for long - but he would want us to do all we can to help dogs like him to get their own happy endings.

I'm proud to add a permanent reminder of Mr Pip - created by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry - on the right hand side of this blog, and I'd also like to share with you this final thought that is on Pip's final post and which for me says it all.

Monday 14 October 2013

Still life in the old dog

Yesterday our website Lost and Fond, hosted a craft fair in aid of Nowzad Dogs. We raised more than £780 for Nowzad between us and all the stall holders.
One of the stall holders was Burton-based artist Michele McDonald of Redroo Creatives whose work we love. Among the items on sale was this greyhound figure - ignore me in the background - which made us think of Monkey.

Of course as soon as everybody had left for school and work this morning I just had to get some pictures.
Blimey - talk about life imitating art!

Thanks Michele . . .  and you Monkey.