Sunday 25 March 2012

A quick apology - and please don't forget me

Just a quick posting to explain that I might not post much or make many visits to comment on all my favourite blogs for a little while.

Last week, the Lady Of The House was waiting at a zebra crossing for a pedestrian to cross the road when a car ran into the back of her car.

Everyone involved is OK - but the LOTH's having a few problems with her back and can't sit at the computer for very long. She's hopefully starting some physio next week and I'm sure she will soon be fine again - but for now she says we need to just do little and often on the computer and not sit in one position for too long and that the paid-for work she does has to take priority so she can keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed.

I'll try and post an occasional quick update on my Facebook page, so that you don't forget me completely, and I hope to see you again very soon.

You won't forget me - will you?

Tuesday 20 March 2012

I scream for ice cream for dogs

I was a bit jealous when I read on some of my favourite American pet blogs that 'ice cream parties' for dogs take place Across The Pond.

When I SAY 'ice cream', of course,we all know that the real stuff the humans eat is not brilliantly healthy for hounds (A lot of that stuff the humans eat isn't healthy actually. I'm not sure how they keep going sometimes).

Anyway, I was excited to hear when the LOTH came back from Crufts that there is a NEW iced treat being released over HERE for dogs.

Now, before I go any further, this isn't a sponsored blog post, in fact we haven't actually tried this product, I just thought it was a nice story and would make an interesting Tasty Tuesday blog post. We certainly WILL try it once it's on sale in the UK next month.

Billy+Margot™ is the name of the company and it's named after the boss's two dogs. Sadly Billy is no longer with us - but he inspired Marie Sawle to come up with some healthy iced dessert recipes for dogs because of how excited he used to get when he heard the tinkly chimes of the ice cream van.

This is Marie with her own little ice cream delivery bike and a couple of hungry customers.

Billy+Margot™ contains no milk, which can be harmful to dogs. It's mostly made of fruit and vegetable purees. The only sugars are the natural fructose naturally found in the fruit.  Aloe Vera and flax oil have been added to boost the healthy qualities of the product. Flax oil is very good for dog's joints. Many human ice creams are made with palm oil and there’s real concern about the impact of its production on sensitive habitats. Billy+Margot™ is made with coconut oil, which is easy to source but more expensive.

Once it hits the shops in April there will be two flavours - strawberry and apple and apple, banana and carrot.

Once it's on sale we'll give it a try and report back. It's only intended as an occasional treat and it will sell for £2.99 a tub.

Friday 16 March 2012

George is Best at Crufts 2012

Look who the Lady Of The House met at Crufts!

It is the very handsome George the Lad who was also reporting from Crufts (like the LOTH).

His report  is much more interesting than HER ramblings. He was also showing everybody what great dogs Welsh Terriers are in the Crufts Discover Dogs hall.

Discover Dogs has a stand for EVERY single UK recognised pedigree breed. So while the show dogs are being judged in the rings during the four days of the dog show, other dogs are specially chosen to represent their breed at Discover Dogs so that visitors can find out more about them and whether the breed is a good match for their family and lifestyle. All very important work, and George was a brilliant ambassador for Welsh Terriers on the final day of the show.

I think he should have his own TV programme.

I'd watch him.

Well, the LOTH said it was all very exciting at Crufts because of all the hoo-ha over independent judge checks being introduced for the first time and six dogs getting disqualified.   

But I was more interested to hear about all the other dogs and people that were there doing stuff apart from judging. There's about 800 companies and charities who have stands there and there's lots of other things happening in the main arena and other rings around the National Exhibition Centre like obedience, agility, heelwork to music, Flyball, Cani-X, and lots of demonstrations. So it's not just for pedigree dogs.

This is Alice, a nine-month-old Sealyham puppy with her friend Gail. They were telling people about the Save Our Sealyhams campaign. Sealyhams were once just about the most popular dog in the world but now they are an endangered breed. They are really friendly fun dogs who love their human pack and are very sensitive to peoples' moods.

This is Yomper, he's a cadet puppy in training to become an assistance dog for the Hounds for Heroes charity.

Holly and Lil make wonderful bespoke collars and leads for all breeds. They have a shop in London that is really popular with tourists (so do call in next time you're in the big city). Pictured above is the boss lady Elaine who designed a collar and lead for Uggie of The Artist fame, for the Oscars.

Rubbish photo here (well done, LOTH) of a lovely lady called Jodie Prenger who is a musical theatre actress and radio presenter. She shot to fame in a reality show to find an unknown to play Nancy in Oliver! She was promoting an important charity called Animal Health Trust which does great work for animals battling illness and injury.

This is TV vet Marc Abraham, pictured on the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home stand promoting their campaign that Staffies (Staffordshire Bull Terriers) are softer than many people think. He is holding 'Stitch' - a toy Staffie.

The LOTH had a good chat with the staff at Battersea. They were her first-ever charity of the year when she started her Lost and Fond website. A new TV documentary is currently being filmed at Battersea which will be going out in the UK at 7pm and introduced by Paul O'Grady. He was at Crufts too doing a spot of dog agility in the arena with a rescue Staffie. They have such a bad reputation in the UK and it's so unfair. There are more Staffies and Staffies crosses in UK rescues than any other type of dog.

Finally, I have saved my favourite until last.

This is a very talented sculptor called Joanne Cooke working on one of her one-off dog sculptures. They are wonderful pieces of work which really capture the personality of each dog. She can create them from pictures. Please pop over to her website Joanne Cooke Sculpture and enjoy some more of her wonderful work.

Look at this one - this is Rory, Joanne's own 12-year-old greyhound. His birthday was on the first day of Crufts. Isn't he beautiful!?!

Saturday 10 March 2012

Oh! The inhumanity!!

Yesterday was a pleasantly warm Friday - and the Lady Of The House was still at Crufts - and so when the Man Of The House suggested some time out in the garden I was thrilled.

Little did I know he had an early spring bath in mind for me.

Please note (on the picture above) the high tech, green showering device that is apparently deemed suitable for a dog of my standing.

You will also note that I am STANDING by the bins. Nice.

However, despite my long face (longer than usual maybe) I didn't really mind and my new pink dog shampoo did make me smell beautiful and made my fur super-soft.

When I was dried the MOTH also let me put on my new Union flag collar - in honour of Olympics year - which the LOTH bought me back from Day 1 of Crufts. It came from the lovely folks at Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust so I am glad the money went to their funds.

The LOTH is at Crufts all weekend, but it's only about 45 minutes drive from where we live so she comes home every night and I watch the coverage with her that the MOTH records between 6.30pm and 9pm.

If you want to read the stories she is covering (frankly, I wouldn't bother because I don't get a mention) you can go to the news and features section of her Lost and Fond website.

I am joining the Saturday Pet Blog Hop today which has a snazzy new badge to show how it connects pet bloggers all around the world.

This blog hop is kindly hosted by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.

If you'd like to join in and make new pet blogger friends, please follow your three hosts, add your blog to the Linky and copy and paste this week's new Linky code into the html editor of your own blog. The list will automatically update on everyone's blogs as new sites add themselves over this weekend and we can all hop from blog to blog and find out everybody's news.

Thanks again to our three hosts for putting on the hop!

If you follow a new blog after finding them in the blog hop - please let them know that you found them on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.

Also, I'm afraid there are a couple of rules to make it fair for everyone: If your blog is not pet-related your link will be removed and links promoting giveaways that are unrelated to the pet blogger hop will be removed. This is a way of making friends and building our blogging community.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Crufts opens today

So the Lady Of The House left me at stupid 'o'clock this morning to go to the world's biggest and best dog show - Crufts.

This is all I have to say about it.

(P.S: I am not home alone. The Man Of The House is here. Thank goodness I still matter to SOMEONE in this house).

Monday 5 March 2012

Hats of Hope

Today is a special day when many pet bloggers are focusing all their paws-itive thoughts on a very special lady called Judi.

Judi writes the SASS blog featuring her four rescued cats - Sammy, Andy, Shelly and Sierra.

I can't pretend that I know her very well, but I know from those who DO know her that she is one in a million - generous, kind, loving, supportive, talented, and a friend of all furry and non-furry friends.

I have also seen the beautiful websites she has designed for my blogging friends like Mr Pip and also the fabulous "hatted" pictures she has created of pets in hats.

Miss Judi is facing some pretty serious health challenges right know, so we want her to know that she is surrounded by love, support and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - HOPE.

So, Hats of Hope it is.

I am honoured to do my bit by wearing a hat for Miss Judi.

The Man Of The House decided to be my personal stylist and dresser while the Lady Of The House took the pictures. Allegations that I was a bit of a diva about the whole thing are a complete exaggeration.

Me: "NOT THAT ONE!!! I'm not a trucker - and no-one can see my face!"

Me: "Les Miserables?!? Very funny. Take it off - NOW!"

Me: "Cream chiffon and flowers - with just a hint of the adventurous explorer. I love it. This is the one. In fact, I may wear it on my next archaeology dig in the back garden."

Dear Miss Judi, although I don't know you personally I hope the Hats of Hope blog surprise has made you smile and feel the love that's beaming all around the world for you today.

Thank you to Ann at Zoolatry for creating the Hats of Hope badge I am proud to wear on my blog and the other pet bloggers who made this possible and got the word out. You know who you are. Please visit the bloggers below on the blog hop who are all sharing their love for Miss Judi today.

I have turned off comments for today and would like you to leave messages of support for Miss Judi  here instead please

Sunday 4 March 2012

Tagged by Pearl

Pearl the Puppy has tagged me, in the big game of tag rolling through the world of pet blogging at the moment.

So here's my answers:

1. Describe Yourself In 7 Words
Calm, chilled and quiet (unless cat-facing)

2. What Keeps You Up At Night
Tummy ache (occasionally)

3. Who Would You Like To Be?
Bunny - of the Tales and Tails blog - although I'm happy being me really.

4. What Are You Wearing Right Now?
My pink collar with fluffy bunnies on - and a contented smile.

5. What Scares You?
Most other dogs in the world - unfortunately.

6. The Best and Worst of Blogging
Best is the GREAT friends I've made and the HILARIOUS and thought-provoking posts they write often illustrated with the most beautiful images.
Worst is not having enough hours in the day (or the week) to visit them all.

7. The Last Website I Visited
Apart from other pet blogs it was the website for Quad, Derby's centre for film and the arts because I wanted to know if well-behaved dogs might be able to go to any of their great summer nights film screenings (actually, I may let the People Of The House go on their own and I'll snooze at home because I don't really watch films or TV)

8. What Is The One Thing I Would Change About Myself?
I'd like to be a bit braver and more sociable with other dogs. We're all working on it together, slowly.

9. Slankets Yes or No?
The LOTH bought the GOTH a slanket one Christmas. I prefer my big cuddly quilt-y bed.

10. Tell Us Something About The Dog That Tagged You.
Pearl came from a rescue where they said she was a pointer/lab mix but I agree with her folks that she probably has greyhound blood in her too. She's certainly beautiful enough and apparently she's a great runner.

I am going to take a leaf out of the books of a few other blogs and say that I'm not going to tag any other blogs because so many have been tagged already - so I'll just say if you are reading this and you've NOT been tagged yet, consider yourself TAGGED and tell us these ten things about you too. We are all ears!!