Saturday 28 April 2012

It's Cat-urday on Winnie's Dog Blog

Got a few pieces of cat-related news so I thought I'd put them all together.

The first one is, I wanted to share this  lovely picture of a cat called Ernie, drawn by the Lady Of The House's talented friend Jane West.

Ernie was a much loved cat all the way over in California, but after he passed away his owners found the page on the LOTH's pet bereavement website where Jane offers to do drawings and they commissioned a sketch. They said it was a really good likeness and they will always treasure it. I'm so pleased it's helped them.

Staying with news from America, The Zoolatry Girls have made me aware that next Saturday it's Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for May 5) which is marked across the United States as a day to celebrate  Mexican heritage. Everyone is invited to celebrate on their blogs and cats AND dogs can connect up  and add their blogs to the Cat Blogosphere (very kind of them I think).

Thank you also, Zoolatry Girls, for sharing this lovely badge (left). Any ideas for how I can celebrate here in Burton-on-Trent will be welcomed from my friends overseas.

Do you remember my cousin Mickey cat? He's 21 now and feeling a bit fragile so I wondered if you could all send him your good wishes? He sleeps a lot now (like this picture shows) but he means the world to the LOTH's mum and although I am not allowed to be in the same room as him (because of my natural inclinations towards cats) I do love him really.

Finally, good wishes also go to MoMo - who I hear is also feeling under the weather. Although she doesn't get chance to blog very often these days, you can visit her blog called Mieow here.

Today I am again joining the Saturday Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.

If you'd like to join in and make new pet blogger friends, please follow your three hosts, add your blog to the Linky and copy and paste this week's new Linky code into the html editor of your own blog. The list will automatically update on everyone's blogs as new sites add themselves over this weekend and we can all hop from blog to blog and find out everybody's news.

Thanks again to our three hosts for putting on the hop!

If you follow a new blog after finding them in the blog hop - please let them know that you found them on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.

Friday 27 April 2012

Winnie's equation

The Lady Of the House says the increase in the amount of time I spend dawdling, stopping and sniffing on my walks....

.... is in direct proportion to how wet and cold and miserable it is and how much she wants to get home for a coffee.

I say the LOTH complains too much. A bit of rain never hurt ANYONE (in a big, warm, red raincoat)

Thursday 19 April 2012

Winnie the greyhound's back (pack) for her 300th post

I have been so BORED.

Really REALLY bored.

I've missed all my friends and it's made me so sad not hearing what everyone is up to that I had a little cry.

But I am BACK now!!

My care and concern for the Lady Of The House means her back is now feeling a lot better and she is able to sit at the computer for longer which means I can blog again (under her snoopervision).
I see blogger had had a big old change-a-roo since I was last here. It did make it easy for me to spot that this happens to be my 300th blog post!
Now I've got to start catching up on everyone's news (which could take a while) Do let me know if there's something I really should know, won't you? 
Thank you for all the lovely messages on my last blog post, by the way. Seems ages ago.

Yesterday a BIG box arrived and when the LOTH unpacked it there was something that smelled really interesting.

Well, will, you look at that......?

It really has got my name on it.

I am one of the lucky pet bloggers to be invited by Pedigree to take a six week trial of their Joint Care+ treats.
These sticks contain natural active ingredients - glucosamine, Omega 3, green lipped mussel powder and methionine.
They sent them to me in this brilliant Pedigree back pack (Did I mention it has my name printed on it?), and they also sent me a throwing stick and a load of rubber balls that fit in it and then get released. The LOTH laughed when she saw that and said I was too lazy to chase a ball.
I soon proved her wrong. I had a good run in the garden as she showed me how it worked. I even chased after the ball - oh, at least four times before I got bored.
Pedigree has also lent us a snazzy little video camera so that the LOTH and the other People Of The House can try and capture me at my most playful. They say that if I have a treat stick a day you will see an improvement in my joints. Personally I think they are pretty good already. I was a top athlete you know.
I had my first Joint Care+ treat stick this morning and it was certainly tasty so I'm more than happy to eat one a day and tell you how I get on.
Now, I just need to get the LOTH to suss out how this video camera works..... once we've done that you might be lucky enough to see me in running/digging and playing action!