Tuesday 27 August 2013

Time to meet and greet

Monkey seemed to be a little dazed on the second morning of our holiday but after a while we set off for our next test.

Arriving in Saltburn we parked up near the sea front and began today's adventure with Monkey.
At home I had taken to walking him around 9am after the kids had gone in at school as the noise and bustle of dozens of school pupils heading off seemed to get Monkey jittery and pulling about all over the place.
Given the lovely weather Saltburn was rather busy as we headed along the front to the pier and to watch the action on the beach.

Although it was quite early there were a few already there and the surf school was in full swing.

I have to say that I find the wind farm in the background quite striking.

While Monkey was quite nervous he was very good and although sticking close to me he appeared to be relatively calm and was not jumping at every new noise or dodging from side to side to avoid people.

Having seen the beach we turned inland along a bridleway that took us into town. It was rather comical as we made our way up the path as coming in the opposite direction were lots of people with their dogs - mainly in pairs - all at staggered intervals a few seconds apart as if they were taking part in a race.
Saltburn was busy and we had to be on our toes as the traffic was more than Monkey was used to back home and he was looking everywhere - often at the same time. He was very good though and would stand nice and still with me while members of the party checked out the various shops so they could decide where we were going to get souvenirs from.
After a good nose round we decided to head for a cafe on the front that had an outdoor dining area - sadly next to a trampoline for kids - but we all wanted fish and chips so that was where we needed to go. Our previous Greyhound, Winnie, could be a right moaner when it came to eating al fresco. She refused to keep still for more than five minutes and kept up a constant whine throughout the meal.

Once more Monkey exceeded expectations with impeccable behaviour. He stood for the whole meal in silence and managed to ignore both the temptation of the food and the noise from the trampolining children and the bustling crowds that were coming and going for their lunches.
After a marvellous meal - is there anything that can beat fish and chips in the open air at the seaside? - we decided to head back to the chalet so that our couch potato could put his paws up before his well-earned dinner.
Once again despite the company he devoured the lot. Obviously the sea air was having the same effect on Monkey as it was on his human companions.

The evening walk saw us discovering something I had not realised - peacocks roosting in trees - I suppose I always thought they slept on the ground. We also came across a few rabbits, including a black one that made me think of Watership Down, in the grounds plus an awful lot of toing and froing across the paths as Monkey followed something's trail through the woods. Having found fox droppings along the way I think we knew what had been out and about before us. We even found an indent in the long grass that appeared to be the right size and shape for a fox near the duck pond.

That night the peacocks were far more restrained. I don't know if it was the fact I had been feeding them during the day - bribery - or that we were all so tired that we just never heard them but after a good night's sleep we awoke ready to start again and even Monkey seemed more cheerful and was not shivering.
To be continued.


houndstooth said...

It sounds like Monkey is a great traveler! I have a little roll up mat that I take with me when we're going to be eating out and I can lay it on the ground. Bunny will lay down and stay there until we're ready to go. It's not that big and I can carry it easily under my arm. It sounds like it might be worth it for Monkey to have one, since he's such a good mannered fellow!

I never knew peacocks roosted in trees, either!

genji said...

Monkey is an expectation exceeder! The wind farm does make a striking background. I'm guessing our fish and chips are a pale comparison to the original over there.

Unknown said...

Sounds like Monkey was on his best behaviour. We are pleased your holiday started well. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Two French Bulldogs said...

Great job Monkey
Benny & Lily

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Well done, Monkey!!!! sounds like there were lots of scary things around but you managed to keep a lid on it!

Fish and Chips sound so good, we might have to get some for lunch!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

What Remains Now said...

So glad that Monkey is doing super great. I hope this means many more vacations in your future.

jet said...

Monkey might even learn to lie down and relax when you guys dine. Barbie took a little while but now she just flops on her side near the table, totally oblivious to all the people walking past/around her haha

Eileen H said...

Monkey was obviously enjoying his holiday.