Monday, 30 August 2010

Abandoned puppies and mum saved by greyhound charity

My heart goes out to Saluki Cross Suri and her eight pups recently rescued by Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE).

This charity says it's seen a worrying rise in cases of lurchers being abandoned and needing rescue space.

The dog they named Suri was found tied to the fence outside a dog pound and, although no trace could be found of them, she had obviously had puppies recently.

Two days later eight six-week-old pups were found in a cardboard box outside a vets in the same area.

The vet contacted GRWE having spoken to a national animal rescue charity who said that they would only cover the cost of putting them to sleep. GRWE immediately took them in and placed them in foster care.

Although they were in very poor condition, mum and the pups are slowly on the mend.

The plight of dogs like these, dubbed Britain's unwanted pets, was highlighted in a special edition of the BBC programme Panorama earlier this month.

GRWE currently has about 80 dogs in its care, including 21 puppies.

To offer a home to one of the dogs or to help the charity financially, visit or call 07000 785 092

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