Friday, 27 August 2010

Making a hit with the younger generation

I went visiting this morning to see the Lady Of The House's cousin and her two lovely daughters, Katie and Rebecca.

Rebecca was a bit nervous of me to start with - because I seemed very big to her (as she's still quite little) but when her mum and big sister showed her what a softy I am she was happy to stroke me and even took me on a guided tour of downstairs. I had a lovely time being fussed over.

The Boy Of The House himself has always been scared of dogs, I'm told, and that was one of the reasons why my family chose a retired racing greyhound because they knew I'd be far more gentle and good-natured than a lot of dogs (and a lot less work than a puppy).

But the Retired Greyhound Trust always works very hard to match exactly the right dog to the right family and they also knew that as an older dog that had been re-homed before I'd be just the right dog.

Unless I'm having a mad five minutes running round the garden or playing with my toys I am very calm and the B O T H loves fussing me now. Here's a pic of us getting on famously .....
Me and the Boy Of The House (and my toy monkey)
I'm also happy to stop for a fuss with the children who live in our Close. They all know my name and call out to me when they are playing and I go by on my lead for a walk.

They are a nice bunch and I hope I'm helping them learn a bit more about responsible dog ownership.

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