Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday the 13th!

So, it's Friday the 13th then? The kind of day to make any superstitious dog stay put in their snuggly warm bed rather than risking putting a paw outside.

Unlucky for some if you are superstitious
Fortunately I'm not superstitious. Though I may have had a bit of a nightmare this morning as I woke the Lady Of The House up at 7am crying a little...then again it might have been the smell of the killer chilli the Man Of The House made last night which is still wafting around through all of downstairs. Whatever, I happily nodded off again for an hour or so after a reassuring word.

But I realise that not all dogs are as lucky as me. I was hearing the other day about a nice lady in Staffordshire who fosters animals for the RSPCA while they wait for new homes.

Jacqui Hood already provides a lovely permanent home for greyhound Dizzee Rascal, greyhound-cross Floyd and whippet-cross Ruby, but now she's even opened up her home to foster other pets, even CATS!! Not sure I completely approve....but, hey, cats are animals too. Live and let live.

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