Wednesday, 18 August 2010

No more early starts

It's nearly time for me to turn in for the night - and I do love my sleep.

A lot of greyhound owners will lovingly describe us as couch potatoes. I don't mind that.

I just thought I'd mention a bit about how I settled in when I joined the family on August 1st.

At Crossing Cottage - the Retired Greyhound Trust kennels where I was before - I was used to an early start at the crack of dawn and an early bed. So the very first night when I got here I did have a little cry at bedtime because it was all a bit strange. But the Man Of The House popped down once to reassure me and I was fine after that.

I did wake up at 5.30am next morning, and the morning after that.....but thanks to the patience of my new family who came down and let me out in case I needed "to go" and were calm and quiet I was settled into their routine by day three.

Since then I've been happy to wait till the family gets up and the M O T H goes to work.

It's well into week three of my new life here and we're all getting to know each other properly.

So if you are thinking of re-homing a greyhound, rest assured that with quiet, calm and loving patience we will quickly fit in with YOUR routine.

Night night

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