Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Save your stamps to help greyhounds


Hope it's been a lovely afternoon where you are. I had a great walk in the sunshine this afternoon and a few minutes ago I frightened a cat that was balanced on the fence in the back garden by standing on my back legs and doing my best Scooby-Doo impression. (I KNOW he's not a greyhound, but when my ears fly up in "I've-spotted-a-cat" mode I do look like I could be his skinny cousin.)

Anyway, enough about me, I wanted to let you know about a really easy way you can help support the Retired Greyhound Trust who do so much good work finding homes for lots of retired racers like me. The Lady Of The House was quite impressed because she says it's something they used to do to help charities in the "olden days" and she didn't know it still made money.

When your post arrives in the morning, can you spare a second to rip the corner of the envelope off, which includes the used stamp, put them to one side and then every now and then post them off to:

Retired Greyhound Trust
2nd Floor
Park House
1-4 Park Terrace
Worcester Park

Save your stamps to help retired greyhounds

Every kilogram of used stamps collected can then be sold in aid of the RGT. So far in 2010 they have made £300, but their target is £1,500 which is the cost of kennelling a dog for a year.

So don't bin them, please send them to the RGT!  Tell all your friends to save their stamps too, and maybe if you know anyone who works in an office they could help out too.

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