Thursday, 26 August 2010

I don't do stairs

Greyhounds aren't really designed for stairs.

Most retired racers who have not been in a home before have never really seen a staircase - carpeted or not. I've certainly not attempted to tackle the stairs at my new home - and where my new family members disappear to when they go up them is a mystery to me.

This suits some families as they don't necessarily want a greyhound stretched out in their bedrooms - and I am happy to be downstairs....although I do sometimes stand at the bottom and give a little cry if the Lady Of The House has been up there too long in my opinion. But a little word of reassurance over the bannisters is enough to make me pad off back to my bed until my next walk.

Me looking up to the mysterious land 'upstairs'.
It is possible with patience, encouragement and a bit of 'treat'-bribery to get a greyhound upstairs if you need to depending on the layout of your home.

We're also likely to skitter and skid on shiny or slippery floors, like the one in our dining room. It doesn't put me off walking through the wooden floor but my long, skinny legs do tend to fly in all directions a bit. The Man Of The House says I look like Goofy on ice. I think that's a bit cruel....just because I have a bit of an overbite.....but more about my dental issues another day.

Off for my afternoon meal and walk now. See you soon!

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