Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Grooming sessions that are not to be sneezed at

I LOVE being brushed I do.

I love being brushed with the grooming glove
When we race greyhounds get used to being groomed and it usually makes us very patient and quite happy with these kind of attentions. I am happy to have my teeth checked and cleaned and I let my family check my paws regularly as well as grooming me.

The grooming glove is really comfy and as my coat is only short, and one layer, it doesn't take long to get rid of some loose hairs in the garden after my morning walk.

I do still shed some hair in the house and on my beds - but I'm also quite happy to watch my family run round with the vacuum cleaner. I'm not a dog who makes a fuss about it. I'm quite used to home life.

Oh! And apparently greyhound hair is far less likely to make people sneeze. Both the Lady Of The House and the Man Of The House are a little bit allergic to pet fur but my hair doesn't give them any trouble.

See you tomorrow

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