Monday, 16 August 2010

Is pet insurance for life....not just for 12 months?

This morning's walk with the Lady Of The House took a bit longer than the usual 20 minutes or so because she took me off to a nature conservation area near our house which was full of the most delicious smells.....rabbit, cat, fox....

It was a heavenly blend of aromas which had to be savoured. Met some nice dogs and owners as well. Dog walking is great for making new friends. Instant camaraderie.

Back home I flopped in the hall, as per usual, and the L O T H hit the computer upstairs to start wading through the minefield that is dog insurance.

When she was a girl, she tells me, it was unheard of to insure your pets. You just took your chance when they needed treatment at the vets.

These days with vets offering lots of clever treatments and operations that keep pets in good health for many years it makes more sense to insure yourself against these costs.

L O T H has never taken out pet insurance before and there's a lot to get your head round (or so I can hear as she talks to various companies upstairs).

Some policies sound good, and offer incentives like double reward points on your shopping, then you look in the smaller print and find out that as your pet gets older it's going to cost you more. They also charge a higher excess for selected breeds, which includes greyhounds.

Some policies don't cover dental work - which is an issue lots of dogs have as they age.

Others have a cut-off point when a dog reaches a certain age - and what are you supposed to do then, may I ask? It's obvious that as we age there's more chance of things going wrong with us.

Lifecover sounds like a good option if you can find the right policy with the right level of cover.

Some policies charge an excess that is a percentage of the treatment costs - which can be expensive. I'm glad I've not got to sort it out.

I'm sure she'll find a policy that suits us all...hopefully before it's time for my afternoon walk.

See you soon.

This is me 'dog tired' after my walk

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