Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Got my eyes on the prize

Last day of the month and it's been busy busy busy in our house - and I've been watching it all.

The Lady Of The House is helping organise a tombola to run when the Little Theatre Company holds its BIG sponsored Playathon on Saturday.

This is a fund-raiser they hold every other year apparently, and members of the group read plays and sketches and perform musical items non-stop for 12-hours.

Lots of people and companies have been very kind in donating prizes for the tombola - and as it has to run 12 hours there need to be lots of prizes.

Well, today the L O T H fetched all the prizes into the living room and stuck tickets on to them and put the other tickets into a big tub.

What really caught my attention were the cuddly toys. Yes, I know I've got plenty of my own...but there was this really sweet little teddy bear with a little jingly bell inside and I couldn't take my eyes off him as you can see.
Aahh! He's such a sweet teddy - can't I have him?

So the L O T H had to get the prizes boxed up and outside into the garage pretty sharpish in case I decided to take him away.

The Boy Of The House has promised that if he wins the teddy he'll bring it home for me......I hope he's lucky.

See you tomorrow for the start of a new month.

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