Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Irresponsible dog owners let us all down

Hasn't it been a wonderful hot, sunny day today? Well it has been here. Hope the weather's been good for you too.

Me enjoying the sunshine

I did a spot of sunbathing in the garden and then had a great time enjoying the scents and sights of the nature trail this afternoon with the Lady Of The House.

On the way we round she stopped for a chat with two young men who were from the council investigating complaints from local people about owners who don't clean up after their dogs.

The L O T H told them that she thought it was horrid to see mess left by she said for folk who don't even own dogs it must be even more annoying.

The men asked her if she thought there were enough dog bins and she said of course. We were standing at a crossroads of paths and there was a green bin right there, and (from experience) she knew there were at least two more very close by. No-one could use THAT as an excuse.

Some people do let their dogs off the lead in that area....maybe they think that's an excuse if the dog runs off and they don't see what it does (or turn a blind eye). But our view is that owners have to be responsible for what their dog does...wherever and however.

It's not fair when the irresponsible minority spoil it for all of us. People who walk through the nature reserve are likely to look at all dog walkers and wonder if they are responsible for the messes.

I would be really sad if they ban dogs from that area......

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