Monday, 13 September 2010

Two's company

Monday again, and the start of another week which will see all the good people of the Retired Greyhound Trust doing their very best to match the right retired greyhounds with their perfectly-matched forever family.

Although I am happy being an only-dog, a lot of greyhounds are happiest in pairs. Some of them may be brother and sister, others may have become firm friends in kennels and those who know and love us at the RGT kennels will always do their best to keep us together if they know that it will make us happiest.

Families who have taken on two greyhounds who want to be together find them a lot easier than you may imagine. We're an easy-going and good-natured breed and take up less space than you might imagine and for dogs who believe that two's company it does mean that we'll be happy together if the family needs to go out without us.

Today I thought I'd spotlight a couple of pairs of greyhounds which the RGT is currently trying to re-home together.

Jason and Kylie from Clark's Farm Greyhound Rescue
The first pair are called Jason and Kylie and they are five-year-old brother and sister and they currently live with Clark's Farm Greyhound Rescue which is at Wash Lane, Little Totham, Maldon, Essex. The RGT say they could both be trained to accept cats.

Heartbreaker and Teddy Bear from Harlow Hounds
At Harlow Hounds in Essex they are trying to find a home that would like to take five-year-old Heartbreaker and six-year-old Teddy Bear. They give each other confidence and would be suited to a quieter home where someone has lots of love to give them and ideally some experience.

Hope you are all lucky in finding good homes soon

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