Tuesday, 7 September 2010

"Quite brave - for a greyhound"

Is this what they call "damning with faint praise"?

I had to go to the vets yesterday to get the troublesome dew claw removed, and she said I was "Quite brave for a greyhound"

Where the claw isn't - my dew claw after the clipping
The nice vet lady spoke kindly to me and then suddenly bent down clipped my claw off!! I yelped once very loudly, but it was over very quick and the Lady Of The House says it will all be for the best as I'll not catch it on everything and keep hurting myself. I was a bit shakey but I got lots of cuddles and strokes and I was soon as right as rain again.

This morning the L O T H came back from a quick shop in town with a little pink cuddly squeaky pig dog toy. It's about the same size as the little teddy that no-one won for me on the tombola! I've been having a good play with that and love carrying it round the house.

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