Friday, 24 September 2010

Working that room, baby

Well, the pots have all been washed, the biscuits and cake that wasn't eaten, or taken home by guests, has been put away (shame I liked the smell of the ginger and lemon one) and the Lady Of The House's first-ever coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support is over.

She raised £106 which she's very pleased about - and I had a lovely time.

I do love people and having lots of friends and neighbours in the house was my idea of heaven. I walked from one to the other to give them all lots of chance to stroke and fuss me - and they didn't disappoint. Then I went back to the first person and started working the room again.

I had to wait until the guests went home before I got one of my bone biscuits for being good.

The Girl Of The House also got a request to puppy-sit this afternoon for one of the neighbours - so she's gone off quite happily to do that while I recover from all the fuss and attention.

Roll on next year's coffee morning.

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