Friday, 10 September 2010

Taking your time with visitors

Me and the Lady Of The House have had a lovely visitor today.

It made me think that when greyhounds first come to a new home it's a good idea not to have lots of people round in a short space of it can be a bit overwhelming when a dog is trying to get used to its new surroundings.

It's best for us to have a bit of time to bond with our new family first and get used to them - and that's what we did when I came here.

I came here at the start of August so the Girl Of The House was home from university and the Boy Of The House was enjoying his school summer holidays, the Lady Of The House was starting a new life outside the office where she had worked for years and years, and the Man Of The House was on a fortnight's holiday at home too.

I can hear every word you say, you know
A few close relatives came round to meet me that first week, and I did settle in really quickly as I had lived in a home before - and loved it. But some retired racers have never known life outside kennels so they have even more new things to get used too.

Today Alyson came. I LOVE Alyson because she stroked me lots and bought me a lovely minty chew. I really like just lying in the front room on my bed and listening to the conversations knowing that there's people with me in the room.

See you again soon

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