Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Braving the cat walk

How am I doing when I see a cat on our walks these days - I hear you cry?

Well, maybe I don't hear you - but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Because the good news is that thanks to lots of praise and fuss when I walk past a cat without barking or lunging I am now quite calm about our four-legged furry fiends...I mean friends.

I still prick up my ears and look interested, but the Lady Of The House (or the Man) just walk me swiftly on without saying anything as soon as they see a cat's caught my eye and then make a lot of fuss of me with lots of "good girl"s - which I love more than anything - once we've got past the cat without any big scene.

Cats are never going to be my best friends, and I'm glad we don't have any in this house, but it's all a lot calmer now when I see a cat on my walks than when I first came home at the start of last month.

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