Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dog walkers needed

The Lady Of The House says it's lovely having a reason to get out in the fresh air two or three times a day - and that reason of course is ME!!

I only need two 20-minute walks a day but sometimes. if we have time. we go further afield (and if it's raining we don't go very far at all, thank you very much - I HATE the rain).

The Man Of The House usually does my last walk in the evening and he does more walking at weekends when he's not at work. In fact they seem to have it pretty much sorted between them. Nice example of domestic co-operation. Well done, guys!

I get really excited when I see them getting ready to take me out (and I'm pretty well aware of what time it is and when my walk's due). I wag my tail like crazy and my ears go right back and I grin like mad and do a little wiggly dance of joy and sometimes stand up on my hind legs. The L O T H says she's not sure what there is to get QUITE so excited about. But I love my walks.

All the greyhounds waiting for homes in Retired Greyhound Trust kennels need walks too. When I was at Crossing Cottage a lovely lady used to come and take me for walks every day.

If you live in Sheffield, the RGT branch there is advertising on its website for volunteer dog walkers. They need people who can spare a bit of time on a regular basis on weekday mornings between 8.30 and 12 noon.

If you can help please give them a ring on 0114 288 8300.

Also, a BIG pat on the back to Sheffield RGT for finding new forever home for 400 greyhounds in two years! Good going!

If Sheffield's too far away for you, maybe you could look for your local RGT branch on this page of the national website and see if they need any help. It's a great way to meet lots of new people (and dogs) and walk in some lovely countryside in most places.

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