Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bag it and bin it - and it won't cost the earth

Here's a fact to make your mind boggle: Almost 1000 tonnes of dog poo is produced in Britain every day.

Not a nice subject for you squeamish humans, I know.

Responsible dog owners these days clean up after their dogs - which means perhaps an average of six little bags a day to gather up the stuff.

Now, the thing is, dog mess will of course break down naturally over time and return to the earth - but I can understand why you wouldn't want it lying around in public view until then. But sadly, many dog owners put it into plastic bags that WON'T break down and will be in landfill sites for HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

The best answer for the environment is to only use 100% biodegradable bag which will degrade much faster after it's thrown away.

Dog waste/nappy sack bags - 100% degradable
The Lady Of The House uses bags she buys online from Wikaniko - click here and then go to The Products, then enter the shop and go to the bags section where you will find rolls of 50 100% degradable 100% compostable dog waste/nappy sack bags for just £2.98.

I am told they are also ideal for clearing the waste from your litter trays (if you have one of those cat things!) and for use as nappy sacks (if you have one of those human babies!)

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