Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Water fuss over a bath

This wasn't here yesterday? Me investigating the bath
There's quite a few homes around where we live and walk having renovations done, and the Lady Of The House and the Girl Of The House have been taking more than a passing interest in the contents of their skips.

At first I wondered if times were harder than I had imagined - but baths were what they were interested in.

It turns out that the G O T H - who goes back to Coventry University soon for the final year of her degree course in Theatre - has been told by her tutors to acquire a, they're not being rude.

It's for some performance piece they are going to be working on this term. And they DID mean a bath big enough to take her and some water.......who knows what they have planned? She certainly doesn't.

Well, there has been a particularly nice 'cast out' bath in a skip nearby for a couple of weeks and yesterday afternoon - on our walk - we detoured up the drive of the house in question and knocked on the door to ask if we could have it. No-one answered - so the G O T H left a note through their letterbox and soon got a text back from a nice lady who said of course we could have it.

At first the two of them were planning to walk round and carry it back to our house (which I thought was a bad idea as they could so easily be mistaken for the Chuckle Brothers - "To me, to you").

Finally, they saw sense and went out to our car and started wrestling with the back seats to make as much space as possible. I saw them drive off with the G O T H in the front seat as far forward as it would go with her knees under her chin. She didn't look silly at all.

I don't know how they got on loading the bath out of the skip and in to the car....but when they got back to our house I peeped through the glass on the front door and watched the performance of them getting it out again.

Maybe that's what the students are going to be doing in Coventry....seeing how much fuss they can make putting a bath in and out of cars? It was like listening to a 1960s novelty comedy record featuring Bernard Cribbins (whoever he is).

"It's stuck"
"It won't go that way"
"We'll have to take the legs off"
"Pull that side down a bit"
"I want a cup of tea"

Eventually they wrestled it through the gate and it now resides underneath the living room window in the back garden.

I'm not looking forward to watching them go through all that palaver again when they take it to Coventry. Maybe it can stay here and we can plant flowers in it?

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