Sunday, 19 September 2010

Greyhounds galore

Oh what a BIG day yesterday was!

Just a few folks from the Great Greyhound Gathering 2010
Truth to tell, I was a bit overawed when I got to the racecourse at Colwick, Nottingham and saw all the people and oh-so-many greyhounds at the Great Greyhound Gathering. My tail was tucked right under my tummy and my ears were flat against my head.

But the Lady Of The House and the Girl Of The House took me off somewhere quiet and gave me lots of fuss and reassurance while I got used to it.

Then we met a few people we knew. There was Jane with her two greyhounds Jack and Sophie - Sophie was at Crossing Cottage in a kennel near me in July this year before Jane gave her a forever home.

Then we saw John and Judith who run Crossing Cottage - and I stuck my nose into the dog's lucky dip and so the L O T H took the hint and had a go and won me some dog treats.

Next we ran into one of the Crossing Cottage volunteers who used to have long chats with me in my kennel.

After that I felt a lot more confident and I said hello - in that way beloved of greyhounds - to lots of dogs.

Had a nice long sleep in the car going home.

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