Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Lovely Day

What a great day I've had today!!!!

Me in the car - I love travelling
My family took me out in the car - exciting in itself - to Ashbourne Show.

I had a great time taking in the sights and sounds and smells and met some nice greyhounds (we all had a good sniff of each other and made friends).

I saw my lovely friend John from the Retired Greyhound Trust, who looked after me with Judith at the Crossing Cottage kennels in Sutton-on-Trent....and then as we walked round the showground I saw one of the RGT volunteers who used to talk to me and visit me all the time when I was in their kennels. I was so pleased to see him I stood up on my hind legs so my face was almost level with his and we had a great big cuddle.

He was really pleased to hear that I'd settled in so well with my new family and this is definitely a forever-adoption. I'm not going anywhere else.

When we got home the Lady Of The House nipped out to do some food shopping and came back with a new bed for me - and a pig's ear for me to chew on! Can life get any better???

See you tomorrow Greyhound fans xx

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