Thursday, 11 November 2010

Get well soon, girls

Today's posting is about wishing two lovely greyhounds lots of 'get well soon' wishes, sniffs and licks - one in the UK and one in the US.

The first greyhound in my thoughts is Misty, who was walking on a lead with her owner in Oxfordshire when two Staffordshire Bull terriers attacked. After a night at the vets she seems to be on the mend but she's clearly very shaken and traumatised by the experience which also involved her owner getting bitten as he tried to protect her.

Staffies are lovely dogs when they are properly trained and looked after by responsible loving owners - and I am sad about the bad press they get - but when they are left to roam free and owned by people who encourage their aggression it's asking for trouble.

Lots of love to Blueberry
The other greyhound in my thoughts is the lovely Blueberry - one of the dogs whose daily adventures in America are chronicled in a wonderful blog called Tales and Tails.

Blueberry's family found a suspicious lump on her head which was removed by the vet yesterday and sent off for investigation. Everyone in the dog blog community is ending best wishes to Blueberry - and if you wanted to pop over to the blog and add your good wishes I'm sure she'd appreciate it.


houndstooth said...

Poor Misty! We've heard of a few similar attacks over here over the years and we're always sad for all involved. It usually doesn't go well for anybody. I don't know if we'd agree that all should be muzzled when out in public, but certainly they should all be leashed. Our prayers go out to Misty!

Thank you so much for your thoughts for Blueberry! She's resting today and feeling a lot better. I have a feeling she's going to run Mom and Dad around quite a bit to get what she wants!


Benny and Lily said...

aahh good thoughts sent their way
Benny & Lily

Winnie said...

So pleased to hear that Blueberry's feeling better. Hope she's giving you the run-around (in the nicest possible way)as soon as possible.