Saturday, 6 November 2010

If you are going to Discover Dogs at Earl's Court in London next weekend - be sure to look out for my old friends from the Retired Greyhound Trust on stand 142.

Discover Dogs is a massive event on all day 13 and 14 November. I won't be going as dogs aren't allowed as visitors (although some dogs are allowed to attend if they are part of the displays or are invited to be the dogs that meet and greet visitors to teach them more about different breeds).

It's a great event which really shows what great things dogs can do in the world of search and rescue, pets as therapy dogs and working with organisations like the police.

There's also a chance for rescue societies, like the Retired Greyhound Trust, to encourage people to think about re-homing an adult dog who might in some cases be a better match for their family than a new puppy.

My family certainly thought I was a good match for them - I think it was my relaxed approach from day one. We greyhound know how to take life easy.

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to. See you again soon.
This was me minutes after I arrived in my new home in August.

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houndstooth said...

Obviously, you landed in the perfect spot! I love that picture of you.

That event sounds like a lot of fun! I'm envious because we don't have anything like that close by here!