Monday, 8 November 2010

Raining cats and dogs

I didn't have my usual spring in my step this morning.

At least, not once I saw the weather outside.

Out there? In this? Really?
When the Man Of The House came downstairs first thing - and after I'd done my usual greeting of standing on my hind legs and putting my front paws on his chest - we trotted to the back door together and he opened it for me.......and then I just stopped.

You can't really see it on this picture, but trust me, it was raining cats and dogs. (Silly phrase that. If it HAD literally been raining CATS and dogs I would have been out there in a flash.)

But as it was - I couldn't be encouraged outside.

I padded back to my bed in the kitchen and said "I'll cross my legs for a bit longer, thanks all the same".

So, the M O T H went off to work and the Lady and the Boy appeared and there was another attempt to offer me the opportunity to trot out into the back garden to relieve myself.

"Non, merci" I would have said, if I could speak French (I have picked up a few words - a soupcon, if you will - from the Boy's homework.)

But, it couldn't be put off forever. After breakfast, and when the B O T H had gone to school, my big red raincoat came over my head, clipped under my tummy, and out we trudged. It was miserable with the wind and the rain. The L O T H found a route where the wind was at least behind us so it didn't keep blowing her hood off her head.
No, I'm not auditoning for the nativity play.

I kept shaking myself - like I always do when I have my raincoat on. I stop in my tracks and shake my heads and ears first and then the shake travels all down my body like a Mexican wave that finishes with my tail doing a big circular spin.

The L O T H said: "The sooner you do what you've got to do, Winnie, we can go home where it's dry and warm".

So I did. And we did.

Then it just remained for the L O T H to get out my towel and dry my heads and ears.

As you can see - I did my best Drama Queen face.

I miss the summer.


Alyson said...

Same with Frankie, we went out to empty the rabbits litter tray and Frankie climbed into the bottom of their hutch when she realised how cold and wet it was!

Tucker said...

Aww,Winnie, you poor thing! Certainly the MOTH could construct an indoor Greyhound loo so that you wouldn't have to get soaked just to spend a penny! I would discuss this with him if I were you.

Stay dry!


houndstooth said...

I always put my paw down and insist on wearing my raincoat out in the rain. It's just not right that they expect you go to out and do your business in the rain! You can bet that if they had to do that, they'd come up with some indoor plumbing for you!


Benny and Lily said...

Our slickers are a must in the rain. We get toweled dried just like you
Benny & Lily

Winnie said...

The Lady Of The House has promised to go online and get me a raincoat that is a bit smaller so it fits better.

My red one came with me from the Retired Greyhound Trust and either it has stretched or I've shrunk.