Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sponsor a greyhound if you can't have your own

Just a quick blog today as it's a busy, busy day.

I was thinking, after posting that lovely picture of some greyhound friends yesterda,y that there may be some poor unfortunate souls who would LOVE to offer a home to a greyhound, but their family circumstances don't allow it.

Maybe they are out of the house for hours and hours my family used to be.

Did you know that in that case you can SPONSOR a greyhound that is still in kennels? Maybe a Christmas present idea for a dog lover you know?

One of the RGT kennels that offer this is Sheffield - but I'm sure lots of greyhound rescue centres in this country and abroad would do the same.

You can find other RGT kennels in the UK through their national website - and there are also lots of greyhound charities represented on Facebook if you search for the word "Greyhound". Hey! And I'm on Facebook now too! Have you popped by and "liked" me yet?

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houndstooth said...

The adoption kennel I came from offers that, too! That's a great idea, although I can't imagine anyone too busy to need their own Greyhound!