Thursday, 4 November 2010

One wet Winnie

It wasn't stopping to rain this morning on my walk with the Man Of The House.

We got soaked. I had my big weatherproof coat on so only my head got wet, but as you can see here I was still looking pretty dramatically damp even after the M O T H had dried my head with my towel.

Don't be fooled by the face folks!
I do like looking dramatic when the Lady Of The House gets her camera out (but between you and me DON'T BE FOOLED!).

As soon as I'd done 'my business' the M O T H thought he'd cut the walk short and head home, but I had other ideas. When he tried to take a short cut I pulled in the opposite direction and made sure I got a full walk in.  He gave in so I wouldn't be disappointed. Bless him. But then he was a bit huffy when I turned by big sad Bambi eyes on for the camera (Tee-hee!!).

In other water-related news, the M O T H and the L O T H got back from the Girl Of The House's Coventry University theatre show involving baths - but they couldn't tell me much about it...nothing that made much sense. They said it was something that sounded like 'Fizzycal' Theatre. Is that when you put fizzy bath bombs in the baths?

There's also a lot of excitement in the house about Little Theatre Company's forthcoming show "Titanic - The Musical". The L O T H and the M O T H have been making a mock-up of a newspaper bill that appears on a famous shot of a newspaper boy selling papers after the ship sank in the Atlantic and they're trying to recreate it for a promotional shot at tonight's rehearsal. I'll post it on here if it's any good.

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houndstooth said...

Of course I know just how well that sad face works! You should save that picture and pull it out when you really, really want something. I don't think they could say no to that!