Monday, 25 October 2010

Get your little nose out of MY lawn

Cheeky squirrel thinks he owns the place
So I've told you before about me and the squirrel.......

He keeps bobbing into the garden and stealing the nuts and seeds that the Man Of The House puts out for little birds like the greenfinches, goldfinches, blue tits and sparrows.

I can always smell when he's been in the garden and if I see him on the fence I go a bit wild ...but yesterday he just took it too far!!!

I will admit that since I arrived here I have churned up the back lawn quite a bit. The Lady Of The House says it looks like a ploughed field - but that's a bit of an exaggeration. I do love having a mad ten minutes and running round in ever-decreasing circles once a day as if it's my own mini racetrack.

Well, blow me down with a feather if I don't look out of the French windows in the dining room to see the cheeky little squirrel burying the nuts he'd stolen from the bird feeders in the holes and trenches my claws have worn in the lawn.

He must have thought I'd done it for his benefit!

The Lady Of The House heard me barking and came to open the door to let me out, but she held my grab collar until she knew the squirrel had got enough of a head start and I couldn't catch him. Pshaw!!!

The squirrel may be a nuisance, but it seems my soft-hearted family don't want me to do anything to him apart from give him a bit of a scare.

Somehow, I think he'll be back.


houndstooth said...

Obviously, you are going to have to employ a bit of subterfuge if you are going to finally teach this tree rat a lesson. I say next time, resist barking and whine as if you really need to go out and take care of personal business. When the Lady of the House lets you out, then you can give that squirrel a true run for his money! What a brazen little devil!


Winnie said...

Hmmm! Good idea.....don't tell the family.