Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jack Frost nipping at my nose

Well, I've had a good nose through the undergrowth today, but I've not found anything as exciting as Angel - the retired racing greyhound that I told you about yesterday.

I still love my daily walks whatever the weather. It seems to have got wintry very fast. One minute it was all sunshine and showers and now the grass has gone all stiff and crispy.
The Lady Of The House has even dug out her gloves.


houndstooth said...

I love to get out and stretch my legs no matter what, too!


P.S. Are you a blue fawn, too?

Winnie said...

Hi Bunny

Over here I think I'm just called fawn....but looking at your pictures on your blog I think we do look a similar colour.

Love from Winnie x

houndstooth said...

The difference between fawn and blue fawn is that fawns have black tips to their fur and blue fawns have blue (or grey) tips. My ears are blue along with my muzzle. Whatever color you are, you are beautiful!


Winnie said...

Thanks Bunny, you too.

There's certainly no black tips....but certainly a hint of blue/grey.

You may have noticed the scar on my nose. Before I came to live with my current family I had a bad, bad tooth and they had to go through from the top to get it out. But it gives me a bit of character (like I need any more) x