Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or treat?

What extra hour? I don't understand? What have I missed.

I woke up at my normal time and gave a few whimpers and cries to let my people know I was awake...and they came down to let me out and start the day... but they kept saying it was an hour early, and the clocks had gone back. I'm not sure what they meant.

Is this one of those tricks people talk about when they say it's the day for trick or treating?

Someone who has been playing tricks on her owners today is Maggie May - who the Lady Of The House follows on Twitter. Her tweets today reveal that she rolled in some dead fish on the beach this morning and has been stinking out the car. She does make me laugh. She likes chasing squirrels too - so she's all right by me even if she isn't a greyhound.

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houndstooth said...

Mom says she wishes we got an extra hour this weekend, but our time change doesn't happen for a couple of weeks. I don't get it, but sometimes you just have to humor those humans!