Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Finding fame on Project Dog

There's now a picture of me - in characteristically active mode - on the Project Dog website.

I am happy to admit this was nothing to do with me. The Lady Of The House had been Twittering with Project Dog over in America and decided to add an entry for me on their website.

Project Dog is trying to photograph each of the American Kennel Club’s 173 recognised dog breeds - both a purebred and rescue dog of each breed (346 dogs total), from 19 US metropolitan cities, for inclusion in a book.

(Did you know that apparently there are about 77.5 million pet dogs in America? WOW!)

But Project Dog is happy for any dog owners anywhere in the world to add their dogs to the website - although they won;t make it in to the book. The website is also publicising a lot of good stuff about dogs needing new homes and promoting responsible dog ownership.

Project Dog is the brainchild of pet photographer Kira Stackhouse of Nuena Photography in San Francisco.


houndstooth said...

That sounds pretty cool! We'll have to pop in and have a look at it.


Winnie said...

Let me know if you get a profile on the site Bunny, won't you?