Friday, 22 October 2010

Poor purple puppy

Purple puppy is no more.

Purple Puppy's last moments before being bin-bound
I love my cuddly, squeaky toys - as regular readers will know - and usually I am very gentle (certainly compared to Frankie who belongs to the Lady Of The House's friend Alyson who destroys any toy in seconds!).
But yesterday during my mad ten minutes in the garden I loved purple puppy a bit too enthusiastically and his little purple neck opened up and lots of white stuff like candy floss came out.

I excitedly pulled more out and got it into my mouth, so the L O T H stepped in and got the flossy stuff out of my mouth and took it and puppy away. I think he went in the bin.

When the Man Of The House came home, he told the L O T H that I was obviously only trying to floss after my meals like you should.

I don't know what that meant - but they both laughed. Strange people.


houndstooth said...

Awww! Rest in Pieces, Purple Puppy! I am very careful with my toys, but Morgan, my GSD sister, is not, so Mom hides them for me.

You don't have cool Halloween collars?! *gasp* I can send you some links if you want to order some. I am a hound who always has her paw on the pulse of fashion!


Winnie said...

Oh yes!! Please send links! I am also looking for a smart warm coat too if you know any sites you can recommend for those.

You're a pal!

Love Winnie

Alyson said...

I saw this site reccomended on a dog forum

Winnie said...

Thanks Alyson xx