Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Great Greyhound food

The Lady Of The House - and the Boy Of The House - are driving across the border in to South Derbyshire today to collect a bag of my special greyhound food.

I'm making it sound a bit of a major trip across border control...but it's OK really. The natives are very fact the people who stock the greyhound food live a stone's throw from where the L O T H was born - the wonderfully-named Eureka Road!

My family decided it was best to keep me on the food I was used to from the Retired Greyhound Trust kennels at Crossing Cottage. It's low protein and very kind to sensitive Greyhound stomachs.

Lovely John from Crossing Cottage delivers the food to a few folks and the greyhound-loving family in Midway are the nearest to us.

Hurrah for dinnertime
I am quite partial to mine mixed with a bit of a good quality dog meat and gravy...or sometimes pilchards or grated cheese for a bit of a treat.

While I think of it - and I SHOULD have mentioned this before - congratulations to Crossing Cottage greyhound Lundhill Sarah who was named Best In Show at the Great Greyhound Gathering.


Anonymous said...

Before I started blogging I knew next to nothing about greyhounds. But it seems they are an incredibly popular breed on the internet and now I'm wondering if one day I'll want one of my own.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful dog.

Winnie said...

Thank you.

I know I'm biased...but greyhounds rule!

If you do get a greyhound, one day, I don't think you'd regret it. Everyone says it's greyhounds for life once you have one.

Thanks for posting and for reading my blog xxx

houndstooth said...

That food looks pretty good to me! Mom and Dad are currently looking for something new for us that has good stuff in it and not a lot of filler. You're lucky they take such good care of you!

My Halloween collar came from Aid 4 Greys! They also make the BEST bunnies for Greyhounds! We all love ours! Mother Bunny is a good friend of ours. We know some other places where you can get some good ones if you don't like her collars, though.

Winnie said...

Thanks Bunny.

I LOVE that website aid4greys....

By the way, the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet I wrote about a bit ago has replied to your comment on my post earlier this month saying she could sort out shipping to the US for her fund-raising coockbook - and she's quite keen to see if any American charities might like to stock it as a fundraiser.

houndstooth said...

Oooo! I have to go back and look now!

If you order from Aid 4 Greys, tell Mother Bunny that Bunny sent you! She knows me!