Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jim the adventurous whippet is a hit with us

I like nothing better than curling up in the living room when I've got at least one person on a chair or the sofa nearby for company....and fortunately the Lady Of The House has been joining me quite a bit recently as she reads a book called Narrow Dog to Carcassonne.

She thinks it's very funny and keeps reading bits out to me. It's apparently about Terry Darlington and his wife Monica...but really I think it's about their whippet called Jim. The three of them set off from Stone in Staffordshire - not far from us really - to sail their narrowboat Phyllis May down to the sea, across the English Channel (yikes!) and then down the Rhone to the Mediterranean.

Jim - from - I think he looks a bit like me
There's sometimes a bit of confusion from people they meet on their travels as to whether Jim is a very small greyhound. I can tell he's a whippet but he does sound a bit like me with some his tricks and traits.

There's a follow-up book too now - Narrow Dog to Indian River - maybe the L O T H will get it for Christmas.

I am quite happy to leave Jim to his waterways adventures. The bath that is STILL in the back garden is enough adventure for me.

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