Friday, 8 October 2010

I love the smell of squirrels in the morning

The squirrels are regular visitors to our back garden trying to get their tiny little claws on the nuts and seeds that are really out for our little feathered friends (That doesn't mean YOU, pigeons).

And they are another little beast (along with cats) which I'd quite like to get hold of given half a chance.

Instead I have to make do with the smell of them which they leave on the back fence, in the Buddleia and on and around the bird table. The scent tends to make me rocket out of the doors like I used to rocket out of the gates at the dog stadium. They are too quick though - even for me and my 40mph top speed.

Met a sweet little West Highland White Terrier on my walk this afternoon. Her name was Katie and she was six-months-old. In fact we met her twice (it sometimes happens on the dog walking circuit that you pick the same route as someone else but going in different directions).

She was very excitable and jumpy but I was very tolerant and we bumped noses to say 'hello'. It's nice to make new long as they are not Secret Squirrel and Lieutenant Pigeon - oh and Top Cat.

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